Andreas Moritz is a stupid, dangerous man

Andreas Moritz is some schmuck offering horrific medical advice about cancer. I’ve never heard so many wrong things about science outside the realm of creationism.

What makes 50% of the American population so prone to developing cancer, when the other half has no risk at all? Blaming the genes for that is but an excuse to cover up ignorance of the real causes. Besides, any good genetic researcher would tell you that such a belief is void of any logic and outright unscientific (as explained in the book).

Crackpot. He may want to define “good” in his description of genetic researchers. It sounds like he is confusing it with “horrible”. Cancer risk is often identified in three primary ways. In no order, there is environment. A smoker or frequent tanner have higher risk because they have carcinogens entering their bodies at higher rates than other people. Then there is familial history. A person with a history of cancer in the family needs to be more vigilant in seeking regular check-ups. This is based on nothing but genetics. Finally, oncologists specifically look at genes to determine whether or not someone has a high risk. BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes indicate a higher risk of cancer if inherited with mutations. This is common among Ashkenazi Jews. This is basically a repeat of point 2. But it’s good to repeat here because, well, cancer is caused by mutations in genes which cause unregulated cell growth which prevents apoptosis or prevents DNA repair.

Cancer has always been an extremely rare illness, except in industrialized nations during the past 40-50 years. Human genes have not significantly changed for thousands of years. Why would they change so drastically now, and suddenly decide to kill scores of people? The answer to this question is amazingly simple: Damaged or faulty genes do not kill anyone. Cancer does not kill a person afflicted with it! What kills a cancer patient is not the tumor, but the numerous reasons behind cell mutation and tumor growth. These root causes should be the focus of every cancer treatment, yet most oncologists typically ignore them. Constant conflicts, guilt and shame, for example, can easily paralyze the body’s most basic functions, and lead to the growth of a cancerous tumor.

Christ. Cancer really hasn’t been that rare throughout human history, but it is more common today. The reasons, however, are not because people are negative nancies. People live longer, are exposed to more carcinogens, and we just plain detect cancer more often than past generations could.

Copying errors are at root here. Moritz is claiming something which is bogus and unevidenced. He is saying a huge swath of the population dies because they are guilty. His ‘evidence’ seems to be anecdotal experience and personal perception. This guy is dangerous, if anything.

If cancer deaths were purely related to one’s emotional state, then it follows that people in Japan, France, and the U.S. must be more chipper than the rest of the world. No, it certainly isn’t about the availability of medical treatment. These people are just happy.

Cancer patients typically suffer from lack of self-respect or worthiness, and often have what I call an “unfinished business” in their life. Cancer can actually be a way of revealing the source of such inner conflict. Furthermore, cancer can help them come to terms with such a conflict, and even heal it altogether. The way to take out weeds is to pull them out along with their roots. This is how we must treat cancer; otherwise, it may recur eventually.

So I guess cancer is a good thing now. Quick! We’ve got to tell the hospitals. We need psychiatrists, not oncologists!

Oh, and children who have faulty genes that cause cancer? Nah. They just don’t have any self-respect. That’s common of children, right?


This is amazing. Does Moritz realize that 30% of all cancer deaths are due to smoking (or inhaling second hand smoke)? He must think smokers are negative nancies, too. It’s a good thing they’re getting cancer. Otherwise, they’d never find out what was spiritually wrong. I mean, why do we feel so off-put by the idea of cancer? It’s clearly just a method of discovering out innerselves. Or it’s a horrible disease that is caused by a copying error in one cell which is able, through many complex mechanisms, to replicate without ‘fear’ of death while avoiding the attacks of the immune system. I don’t know. I only have empirical evidence to back up my claims.

P.s. This guy is an awful writer, too.

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  1. Michael,

    I can only assume you must have had a really bad day when you lashed out at me with such strong words as stupid, schmuck, crackpot, Christ, and dangerous. For a student of science, your emotion-driven arguments don’t really make you very convincing, but rather reflect your anger and unhappiness that obviously cause you to put down those who have a different opinion about things than you have. My well-intended advice to you is to speak your truth, but say it in a friendly tone. You will find that this will earn you a lot more respect and will also help you being a lot less angry. Your anger doesn’t hurt me, it only hurts you.

    With regard to the points you have raised, you obviously passed judgment before you studied the matter at hand. If you had actually read my book, Cancer is Not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism, (and Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation), instead of just an article about it, you would have noticed that my arguments are well supported by scientific evidence. I encourage you to read the book with an open mind and then draw your conclusions.

    You said this: “A smoker or frequent tanner have higher risk because they have carcinogens entering their bodies at higher rates than other people. Then there is familial history. A person with a history of cancer in the family needs to be more vigilant in seeking regular check-ups. This is based on nothing but genetics.”
    You may not be aware of the numerous studies that clearly show most cancers are preventable and, thus, have nothing to do with genetics. For example, new research conducted at the Creighton University School of Medicine in Nebraska has revealed that supplementing with vitamin D and calcium can reduce your risk of cancer by an astonishing 77 percent. This includes breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer and other forms of cancer. This research provides strong new evidence that vitamin D is the single most effective medicine against cancer, far outpacing the benefits of any cancer drug known to modern science.

    Mind you, over 85% of Americans are now vitamin D deficient. To blame genes or familial history for causing cancer, instead of lack of sun exposure which is needed to make vitamin D, or poor diet, smoking, lifestyle, lack of sleep, is therefore unsubstantiated and outright misleading. A recent study (Feb 2009) by the National Institute of Cancer on 550,000 subjects has shown that heavy meat consumption increases the risk of dying form all causes, including cancer, by 20%. How many people are heavy meat eaters in this country? If you do the math you will find that genes are very little impact in cancer statistics, compared with other causes. What people “inherit” are a poor diet and detrimental lifestyle, not just genes.

    Trans fatty acids alone cause numerous cancers. Vaccines contain large amounts of carcinogens, such as formaldehyde. Most pesticides are carcinogens, too. Medications oftne suppress the immune system, which is another leading causeo f cancer. Radaition from mammograms and CAT scans are now responsible for 50% of all cancers, killing 3 million people world wide, as documented by the World Health Organization. One mammogram equals a mimumum of 400 chest x-Rays. And there are now studies to prove wireless devices, sucha as clel phone, cause DNA damage. Radiation is a leading cuase of cancer. Genes have nothing to do with that either, except x-rays damage genes and cause them mutate. These are clearly environmental factors.

    The cell environment that accumulates the toxic waste from the environment becomes a cess pool of toxins in which normal cell activity becomes impossible. Environment has everything to do with cancer. Genetic mutation is a response to, not a cause of, cell damage. Again, if you read the book, you would be aware of the vast body of scientific research that supports all the arguments I have made.

    I am sorry for the people you have put off by your accusations, and thus prevented to find a better way the heal their cancers than what is currently offered by conventional medicine. But I also feel sorry for you because what you have done makes you an even more angry person than you were before.

    I certainly wish you well on your path of self discovery. If you ever get to as many cancer patients in your life as I have (close to 8,000), you will find a lot more compassion, humility, and love in your heart than you are now. I encourage you to go this route, it’s truly worthy. When I was your age, I was fanatical, too, and I thought I knew it all. It’s easy to judge others, and not so easy to see their potential. Dealing with terminally ill people for 37 years changes you, I can attest to that. I was terminally ill myself when I was 12, and I died three times in this life. You get a different perspective about life when you go through that. I wouldn’t wish this unto you, but if it happens, it will be good for you.

    You have a strong mind, and you are a smart man. Combine this with an open heart, and you will go a long away. By keeping you heart closed, you will be very lonely, sad and angry.

    Be well!
    Andreas Moritz

  2. I think there’s a misunderstanding. This addresses your first six paragraphs:

    We both seem to agree that cancer is caused by environmental effects. I said this. I also pointed out familial cancers are genetically caused. I’m almost being redundant about that.

    You point out a number of carcinogens which lead to cancer. I did not say anything to contradict these known causes. What I said was,

    …cancer is caused by mutations in genes which cause unregulated cell growth

    In other words, genetic changes are usually found in oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes. These changes lead to cancer.

    The way I read your reply, it sounds like you think I’m claiming that these genetic changes are not often caused by outside factors. I’m not claiming that.

    I am responding to your claim that cancer is caused by a splattering of emotional issues, such as “guilt and shame”. Furthermore, I’m responding to the fact that you think there is a purpose behind cancer, namely to bring inner conflicts to the surface to be resolved. No. It is a result of mutated cells which replicate uncontrollably. There is no purpose other than the mindless survival of those mutated cells.

    If you ever get to as many cancer patients in your life as I have (close to 8,000)

    That’s disconcerting.

  3. Again, if you actually had read my book, and not just a few paragraph from an an article, you would have seen there is plenty of research to show that emotional stress is a huge factor behind cell mutation. There are literally hundreds of studies to prove I am not making it up. Even the simple classical studies of medical students undergoing medical exams, measuring Interleukin 2 and Interferon levels, found that such stress suppresses DNA production of these important drugs, especially when the students felt they performed poorly. Stress leads to an increase in cortisol and unbalanced levels of prolactin, which directly suppresses the immune system. A suppressed immune system has been shown to cause cell mutation. New Russian research shows that emotional states directly influence gene behavior. The German oncologist and Professor of medicine. Dr Hamer, studied 31,000 of his cancer patients and found that their cancers were preceded by emotional conflict or shock, such as a divorce, death in the family, and caused a lesion in a part of the brain that related to the part of the body which developed the tumor. Out of 7,000 of stage 4 terminal patients, 6,000 survived after he helped them heal their emotional conflicts. Stress is still the most powerful and undisputed cause of illness, including heart disease and cancer. How a person responds to conflict and stressful situations determines how severely the cells are impacted. If you took the time to study mind/body medicine, which is no longer outside the realm of science, you may change your mind about the points I have made in my book. It’s easy to call other people dangerous, but as always, when we point the finger at someone else, another finger points back at you. Good advice from an older man who has seen much in his life: When you are angry at someone else, you have the same issues, you just cannot see them in yourself. Your anger and frustration may be triggered by someone else, but it’s never about them. So learn from your anger and you will feel much better because of it.

  4. Given that you wrote that article – and with length – I find it hard for you to fault me for taking cues from it. However, you can feel free to send me your book if you want me to read it so badly.

  5. Michael,

    An article can hardly cover the contents of a book that has 260 pages. I am not finding fault for you raising questions about valid points, provided you have researched and investigated the subject matter at hand. It is another matter entirely to call someone who has dedicated his entire life to help others regain their health a stupid and dangerous man without knowing anything about him or his work.

    It is not my job to persuade anyone. I am certainly not trying to make you read my book. I provide information to those who are interested in it and I have no problem with those who are not.

    I wish you well,

  6. You claim that oncologists should waste their time focusing on the guilt and shame you claim – without merit – is the root cause of most cancers, especially those in recent years. That is dangerous advice.

    Cancer can hit anybody. Having self-respect, a sense of worthiness, a lack of guilt, and little to no shame will not offer any protection against the disease. People with abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes do not get breast cancer some 80-90% of the time because they coincidentally also have a lot of “inner conflict”.

  7. Dear Michael,
    your exchange with Andreas shows a lot of emotion and his replies lots
    of informations: i certainly think the latter serves us more than getting into
    a game of selfdefense.
    Calling someone “stupid, dangerous” even a “schmuck” is not strong
    and convincing: it only shows weakness.

    Let’s move on and accept the things that work.
    His book certainly helped my family: that’s all that counts.

    All the best,

  8. Oh, my! What a rude little schmuck causing such a needles storm, for what? Fame?
    If Michael could put his fiery energies to helping instead of flaming, less people would suffer from debilitating diseases.
    Bad propaganda is not necessarily a good thing, Michael. I felt hurt reading those rude comments about Andreas. …. my hope is that the people who do read your blog will also follow up reading the comments…and it will be clear to all.

  9. Moritz is giving you hack responses sprinkled in pseudo-kindness. It’s all he’s got since his ideas are pure hackery. He isn’t supported by science in any of his conclusions. His “theory” cannot explain the connection between certain carcinogens – especially tobacco smoke – and cancer rates. The reason is clear: the connection is causal. That’s well established. Is Moritz claiming that cigarette smokers have an especially prevalent rate of feeling guilty and shame versus the rest of us? Does he think that if everyone in the world began smoking cigarettes that cancer rates would remain the same? That would have to be the case to support his crackpot ideas.

  10. If you had made the effort of reading my books instead of just guessing what I wrote, you would have noticed the elaboration on the strong connection between carcinogens, such as formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury in vaccines, or chemicals in cigarettes, the use of additives in foods, pesticides, etc. etc. and the occurrence of cancer. Your rhetoric questions are irrelevant, because I make no such statements, but to the contrary spend hundreds of pages in my books on such cause-effect relationships. On the other hand, the medical literature is overhelmingly supportive of the claim that 85% of all diseases are caused by stress, which is a purely an emotional response to a perceived threat, one that differs from person to person. The near-constant secretion of stress hormones is an undisputed casue of suppression of the immune system and must be considered in any approach to healing of cancer, which I have included in my book on cancer.

    At some stage in your young life you will discover that being unkind to others causes illness, too. I certainly don’t wish this for you.

    Be well!

  11. 85%, Moritz? Really? Up until now I was just dismissing you as a silly, new age hack who genuinely believed this nonsense. Now it’s clear that you’re just a liar.

  12. If you had made the effort of reading my books instead of just guessing what I wrote

    I’m so tired of this whiny little line of yours. I’ve ignored it to this point, but you harp on it so much, it’s impossible for me to not note it: You wrote the article I am citing. You make ridiculous claims.

    Your rhetoric questions are irrelevant, because I make no such statements, but to the contrary spend hundreds of pages in my books on such cause-effect relationships.

    I’m in shock – not because you’ve said yet another dumb, poorly reasoned thing, but because I’m sitting here wondering if I should write “Hahaha” or not. Whether or not I want to read your whining is the linchpin which stalls this decision.

    You’re making the claim that most diseases (not just cancer anymore, wee!) are caused by stress and other silly things the evidence doesn’t support. If that’s true, then it’s up to you to explain the link between carcinogens and cancer. Furthermore, it’s up to you to explain childhood diseases. Do 85% of infants with diseases just have low self-esteem? Do children suffer from tremendous guilt? And how about the connection between countries with good medical care (i.e., not the crap you offer) and good cancer survival rates? If your “theory” is true, then it must just be a big coincidence that people in Japan survive cancer better than people in Algeria (see link above). How else do you explain the facts? Simply declaring that you spend time discussing relationships between carcinogens and cancer does not mean squat, especially when you follow up that statement by saying that 85% of disease is caused by stress. It has to be caused by stress to fit your predetermined conclusion. You’re nothing but a snake oil salesman.

    But hell, I’m just an undergraduate (not a “medical intuitive”) tearing apart your patently silly claims. Go over to PZ Myers’ site in case you missed it.

  13. I am sorry you didn’t care doing a little research of your won before making before making such unprofessional statements as your last one. Already when I was a student of medicine over 35 years ago, one of the world’s most famous and respected researchers, Dr. Hans Selye, proved that over 85% of all diseases were stress-related. Since then his research was confirmed by dozens of large double blind control studies.

    I would not be this silly and embarrass myself to make statements of this kind unless they are based on undisputed evidence. However, I admit I didn’t give you the correct up-to-date percentage; stress now causes actually up to 90% of all diseases. Perhaps the most well-known medical institutions in this country, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, made this statement: “Up to 90 percent of the doctor visits in the USA may be triggered by a stress-related illness.” I know, you prefer to call this “new age hack, lies, and nonsense,” but for your own sake, and not to embarrass yourself any further, you may benefit from learning about psychosomatic illness (since it clearly makes up the vast majority of all diseases).

    This article published by USA Today is based on factual research, and may give you some good ideas what stress does to the body (things that every medical student learns at medical school as I can attest to).

    If you googled psychosomatic illness, you would find literally thousands of references to medical research about it. For instance, you find that the leading cause of heart disease is happiness rating and job satisfactions; in other words, stress at home and at work. There are now at least 20,000 symptoms of disease linked to stress (out of 44,000 now registered sysmtoms).

    Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death – heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.

    This is another good link related to research data on the subejct:

    I hope this will change your perspective about the subject, and not be so judgmental the next time, for your own sake.

    Wishing you the best of health!


  14. I am sorry you didn’t care doing a little research of your won before making before making such unprofessional statements as your last one.

    You aren’t a professional. You are on equal footing with creationists, one of the main targets of this blog. Notice the complete lack of respect I give those people. Now go look up my responses to things that people like Steve Jones says. In those instances I want nothing more than to be respectful. And the reason? Because I respect those people. I don’t respect you trying to cash in on seriously ill people. Hell, almost every one of your FAQs is about how people can pay you or how they can buy your books (but never at discount…unless they buy at least 10).

    The most I seem to be able to find on you is that you’re a medical intuitive. Where did you get your medical degree? I suspect a man like you would have no problem touting an actual degree if you had one. So where’d you attend school?

  15. Oh my… this guy (andreas) sure is a wacky clown eh?

    Not that it’s needed, but here’s a little quote that Andreas uses to (presumably) help his case (it doesn’t):

    “Up to 90 percent of the doctor visits in the USA may be triggered by a stress-related illness.”

    Wow eh!? Sounds like the CDC agrees with this quack… but wait. Let’s look at that quote one more time… they’re talking about “doctor visits” not illnesses! I’m guessing that most “doctor visits” aren’t due to serious illness at all, but perhaps a sore throat or mild cough.
    Oh yeah, and that’s before I even get to the “may be” qualifier.

    So to sum it up: The CDC states that “up to” 90% of “doctor visits” in fact “may be” triggered by stress-related incidents.

    Well that settles it then… give that man (andreas) a medical degree and call him “doctor”! 😉

  16. Lies.

    Here’s Dr. Hans Selye’s landmark paper on stress.

    Nowhere does he claim that stress causes 85% of all illnesses. In fact, he says, “Stress cannot and should not be avoided. Everybody is always under some degree of stress. Even while quietly asleep our heart must continue to beat, our lungs to breathe, and even our brain works in the form of dreams. Stress can be avoided only by dying. The statement “He is under stress” is just as meaningless as “He is running a temperature. ” What we actually refer to by means of such phrases is an excess of stress or of body temperature. ”

    As for vaccines, Dr Moritz, shame on you for sowing groundless claims that they are carcinogenic. Show ANY peer-reviewed study linking vaccines to cancer! Your body produces more formaldyhyde through metabolism than is in the entire vaccine schedule, and you are exposed to more mercury and aluminum in the environment than from vaccines. And WHY would you look at childhood vaccines as a cause of cancers that typically strike in old age? DOn’t you think other factors in the intervening DECADES might play a greater role?

  17. EDIT by Michael Hawkins: I never edit responses that come on my website (except for the occasional spelling error if I’m feeling generous), but Moritz posted a 9389 word response here. It added up to 17 pages, single-spaced. One gem of a line from it that I happened to read at the end said “All vaccines are poisonous and, as such, act like time bombs that will explode in due time.” That should give everyone an idea of the quackery this man practices. It should also give everyone an idea as to why I can’t leave so much crap up here. No one is going to read it and it takes forever just to scroll through/past it. If Moritz wishes to post it on his own site and put the corresponding link up here, he’s welcome to do that.

  18. To MIchael:
    On a different note, if you intent to write a response for me to see, you will be wasting your time. Write for your friends. I will no longer subscribe to this post or read what you write. Too many profanities for my taste, just like the title suggests. I still feel sorry that a young person like you is so filled with envy and blinded by rage.

  19. Well, good. To all my friends: I only know one of you that responded, but I’m glad we’re all so buddy-buddy. I’ve never felt so close to two complete strangers (four if you count the guy who urged I be nicer and the woman who creatively used the same insult on me that I used in the opening post).

    And to all my stranger-friends that come from search engines: I’m so glad this post so often shows up on the first page of results. This goes double for my stranger-friends from Google – I’m number 6 on their list. I’m glad I can help the struggle against anti-science nonsense – especially the nicely packaged kind. Oh, how envious I am of such things!

  20. To my BFF, Michael Hawkins; Counteracting this shyster is important, and mockery is as valid a tool to expose scammers, as lies and misrepresentations are to these quacks.

    Here’s hoping more potential Moritz marks get to read your postings on him.

  21. Moritz, these claims that 85% of diseases are caused by stress and that stress is a contributing factor to cell mutations (thus leading to cancer), if properly researched, should have entire papers written about them.

    Please point me to the papers supporting these two arguments. I want a full citation, including the (respectable) medical journal, what edition and what page number these claims show up at.

  22. Also, a brief excerpt from the medical journal (that isn’t a knockdown argument that the article proceeds to /refute/.) is a bonus.

  23. Andreas: “I will no longer subscribe to this post or read what you write.”

    Run away! Run, run away!!

    Nobody’s buying your BS here Andreas…

  24. Dear Michael,

    It seems to me that you don’t publish postive messages about Andreas. My message a week ago was not published.

    Do you have something personal against Andreas Moritz?

  25. Andreas helped me to understand medicine much better.
    I’ve read a lot of stuff about mind body medicine and studies for over 20 years Krishnamurti. Andreas has a very good knowledge about all this.
    Only with an holistic approach one is enable to see the root cause of illnesses.
    Reading his books, he helped me to understand the origin of my gallstones which helped me to dissolve them.
    He also helped me to understand the origin of a cyst and I could dissolve it.
    Have a look on curezone and you see many other people as I’m.
    Andreas has a good knowledge of ayurveda medicine and the most important of all, he is good person.
    Read the messages at curezone and you’ll see.

  26. I’ve seen that my message was not published because I indicated a domain (curezone) with the extension “dot” com. Without the extension “dot” com it works.

  27. I didn’t save it as I have no intention of reading such nonsense, but if you click his name on his comment responses here, you can get his website and probably contact information.

    Beware of anything he tries selling you.

  28. Wow, woo woo wow. I made the mistake of going to Moritz’ site; Man, that is some major, unadulterated woo. I admit, I’ve only read about this kind of crap; To actually see the whole shebang on one site-hell, he’s selling rocks, for crissakes. And not very big ones at that. I live in the desert, and looking out my front door, it looks like I have a gold mine for a yard, going by how many “healing stones” are out there. If only I could find out the secret to infusing them with the obvious special healing properties that AM infuses his with. I won’t do it of course, because anyone can see how mine are not really healing stones, unlike the good doctor’s. Damn, I never catch a break…

  29. I have recently finished the 5 day liver and GB flush highlighted in his excellent book and I passed ~150 stones varying from 20mm to 2-3 mm!!! It was painless and at no point did I feel pain what so ever.

    I just wish there were more people like Moritz rather than the close minded “professionals” my late father saw when he had lung and brain cancer.

    If I knew then what I know now I am sure I could have had a better chance of helping him survive.

    I have removed fluoride from my diet, eat organic food as it grew and have spent a large sum removing my toxic Amalgam fillings. I’ve had my C1 bone aligned and now try to lead as stress free life as possible…

    I feel great. Moritz keep up the great work…

    John Shore

  30. Well, I never claimed to be well versed in dentistry.

    Of course, John had to buy Moritz’s snake oil (book) in order to get had in the first place. He’s wasted his money on faulty advice that has no medical basis.

  31. Michael, I respect your opinion but believe me that I too resolved a lot of things (me and people around me) what he wrote.
    There is more than traditional medicine. There is p.e. a placebo aand a nocebo effect. The mind has a big part in healing.
    Traditional doctors don’t take this much serious. They takes the symptoms of the “illness” as the real cause.

    With fear and negative emotions your possibility for health is much less then if things is seen in a wider perspective. Andreas has this knowledge.

    About natural food:
    Do you know why doctors don’t tell you to take natural products? Because the pharma industry can’t take copyright on natural food so they don’t propose it to the traditional doctors. Many things are resolvable in a diet change. I experienced it myself.

    My wife was coughing 3 months last year and 3 months the year before, always in the winter months. Her doctor gave her 2 antibiotic cures last year and 2 the year before. Without any effect. I noted that in the same period she was coughing, she also had boiling gas in her stomach (and reflux) what irritated the bronchial tubes. I told her to take every evening a piece of fresh ginger. She resolved it. Andreas wrote many times about ginger in his books.
    Her doctor did not even ask her about other aspects in her life. Who is here the snake oil doctor?

  32. Hm. So, I guess it’s important that she wait 3 months before ingesting the ginger. Prolly have to wait for that boiling gas to subside.

  33. I am so moved by this negativity that i MUST comment. Why are Michael and his friends so adamantly trying to discredit Moritz?

    We all know (or should know) that the real cracks and scammers are “traditional” medical doctors who are mainly in it for the profit (and dentists putting crap in our mouths and overcharging us to remove it.) Sadly my family has seen this over and over again only to get true relief from alternative medicine and natural cures.

    MAYBE Moritz may not be totally correct in all that he says, but who is????? Noone is perfect….we’re all simply trying to find solutions to our ailments, trying to lead better, healthier lives. So stop the “fight-down”!!!! Before all the chemicals and fancy stuff they now want us to pump our bodies with, the natural remedies worked and for thoses of u in doubt, they STILL work 🙂

  34. Just to make things clear, “traditional doctors” from here on out should no longer mean the doctors that work in respectable hospitals but those that have been practicing techniques that rely on old wives’ tales and herbs and such passed down for generations on superstition and “it worked for me” testimonial tales. That, to me, is more “traditional” than working with MRIs, synthetic and laboratory-created medicines and the like. With that said….

    Traditional doctors don’t take this much serious. They takes the symptoms of the “illness” as the real cause.

    Since the placebo effect is a well-documented medical phenomenon, every doctor worth his salt expects it in some form or another. I find it laughable, also, that we’re not supposed to take the symptoms of the illness as a means to find a way to treat a patient, and that you’re broadly generalizing a supposed bad experience on other doctors. Bravo.

    Do you know why doctors don’t tell you to take natural products? Because the pharma industry can’t take copyright on natural food so they don’t propose it to the traditional doctors. Many things are resolvable in a diet change. I experienced it myself.

    Doctors don’t tell you to take “natural” products because for the most part it’s not their job. It’s YOUR job to eat healthy.

    My wife was coughing 3 months last year and 3 months the year before, always in the winter months. Her doctor gave her 2 antibiotic cures last year and 2 the year before. Without any effect. I noted that in the same period she was coughing, she also had boiling gas in her stomach (and reflux) what irritated the bronchial tubes. I told her to take every evening a piece of fresh ginger. She resolved it. Andreas wrote many times about ginger in his books.

    Kinda funny, but using ginger in large amounts can also cause stomach problems. Also funny, it seems that your wife’s coughing problem went away anyway in prior years after a short amount of time. Are you absolutely certain it was the ginger performing the miracle?

    We all know (or should know) that the real cracks and scammers are “traditional” medical doctors who are mainly in it for the profit (and dentists putting crap in our mouths and overcharging us to remove it.) Sadly my family has seen this over and over again only to get true relief from alternative medicine and natural cures.

    There we are with that “traditional doctors” misunderstanding. And an excellent case of “it worked for me”. Let me give my own testimonial: modern-day medicine has worked just fine for me, and I and my family have never had to resort to excessive payouts to doctors for little return in terms of services.

    MAYBE Moritz may not be totally correct in all that he says, but who is????? Noone is perfect….we’re all simply trying to find solutions to our ailments, trying to lead better, healthier lives. So stop the “fight-down”!!!! Before all the chemicals and fancy stuff they now want us to pump our bodies with, the natural remedies worked and for thoses of u in doubt, they STILL work

    A lot of natural remedies and alternative medicines rely almost entirely on the placebo effect, for things that would get better on their own without much help from anything. Strength of will and all that, it’s well documented. So, who’s paying more? The people that sit back and let their illnesses pass, or those that pay for silly cures to things that would go away anyway?

    All this woo woo floating around. As to the original post, erv has a lot to say about genes causing cancer.

    And from the James Randi Educational Foundation:

    The suggestion is sometimes made that negative emotions cause cancer. This is a very disturbing way to blame the cancer patient for the disease, and it is fairly offensive to me. That a cancer patient would have negative emotions is to be expected. How dare anyone insinuate everything should be flowers and puppies during such a frightening and stressful time. More to the point, though, I have yet to see any scientific evidence that negative emotions are capable of affecting cells in a way as to cause a faulty mitosis and clone out of control. It simply does not work that way.

  35. Michael;

    It is disappointing to read your comments full of anger and anxiety. And you call yourself a professional? You don’t seem to pay attention to anything that Moritz is saying except for picking up some quotes and commenting on them. This is a typical reaction of a modern “scientist” who is generally unable to see the whole picture in anything, and trying to make sense just picking unessential details.

    For your information, I am not a “creationist” as you like calling it, I hold a doctorate from University of Michigan, and yet I haven’t seen anyone among the “educated” and “professional” people and colleagues who had such understanding of our life and existence, and such insights into the sicknesses and diseases that strike us today.

    You don’t seem to have red Moritz’s books carefully, but rather browsed them in order to find something against them. You are just looking for some place to release your anger, and I wish you could find someone else for that.

    Having been in academic environment in three different countries for 13 years and having studied in some of the most respected schools in my area of concentration, I have come to realize that the modern system of higher education gives you nothing but “information”. The “knowledge” is acquired by only few who venture outside the academic experience and explore themselves and their world through their own intelligence.

    Again, you just seem to be an angry, scared and anxious person, who in his attempt to save obviously failing practices and theories to which he belongs, is rudely attacking a guy who has saved so many lives and cured so many people.

    I wish you the best. Just calm down and behave like a “pro” you claim to be.


  36. Gee whiz, you two sure sound super educated! Raimond, why don’tcha ask the good Doctor Moritz to front you some of his product line to sell to all your friends and/or fellow alumni? Perhaps Henry could also give you some advice from his many years of woo…I-I mean world-wide studies. A meeting of the minds, in other words. Man, it would be like having two Wile E. Coyotes at the same time! That’s some unimaginable brain firepower right there, uh, unless it’s you guys, ’cause of course you could imagine it. I was talking about us numbskulls who just can’t stop bleating about “evidence” and other such time-wasters.

  37. Several of the posters here have commented on the fact that Micheal is not “calm”. Sometimes frustration and anger are appropriate, such as when confronting a person who is trying to scam people into spending money on dangerous ideas. Would you get angry if a car company was knowingly selling cars with brakes prone to failure and there were multiple deaths? Sometimes being calm is completely inappropriate.

    I have no doubt that a large amount of unresolved stress over a long period of time, such as with chronic depression, can weaken the body, but I also have no doubt that causality is hard to prove here. Do “stressed” people smoke more? Eat poor diets? Exercise less? Drink more alcohol? etc., etc.. It takes carefully designed, long term studies to separate correlated events from caused events.

    Were Mr. Moritz not requiring Micheal to BUY his book before he will have a discussion with him I might have given him a respectful listen, but he is and so I don’t.

  38. “These reports, the first to specifically focus on cancer survivorship, suggest that there has been marked progress in the treatment of cancer and that a more comprehensive research and clinical focus is needed for post-treatment care of survivors.”

    “Among the findings: The number of people living with cancer increased from 3 million in 1971 to 9.8 million in 2001, and 5-year survival of adult cancer has increased from 50% to 64% within that rough time frame. Changes in 5-year survival rates were even greater in childhood cancer: 79% in 2001 compared with 56% three decades ago”.

    Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Volume 96, Number 13, Pp. 1412-1413.

  39. “Studies done over the past 30 years that examined the relationship between psychological factors, including stress, and cancer risk have produced conflicting results. Although the results of some studies have indicated a link between various psychological factors and an increased risk of developing cancer, a direct cause-and-effect relationship has not been proven (3, 4).”

    National Cancer Institute, /cancertopics/factsheet/risk/stress/

  40. Mr. Moritz changed his faq page address from /faq.php to faq.htm so the above link would be broken. Just change the .php to .htm.

    He says he’s too busy to answer email questions and then explains how to pay for a phone consultation. You get an unspecified discount on purchases if you are “accepted” as a wholesaler (min. 10 item purchase), and an extra 10% off for orders over 50 items.

    He does have some free info, though, such as:

    “If you suffer any of the following symptoms, or similar conditions, you likely have numerous gallstones in your liver and gallbladder:

    # Low appetite
    # Food cravings
    # Diarrhea
    # Constipation
    # Hernia
    # Flatulence
    # Hemorrhoids
    # Liver cirrhosis
    # Hepatitis
    # Most infections
    # High cholesterol
    # Pancreatitis
    # Heart disease
    # Brain disorders
    # Duodenal ulcers
    # Depression
    # Impotence
    # Puffy eyes
    # Skin disorder
    # Scoliosis
    # Gout
    # Stiff neck
    # Asthma
    # Sciatica
    # Joint diseases

    * Knee problems
    * Osteoporosis
    * Obesity
    * Chronic Fatigue
    * Kidney diseases
    * Cancer
    * MS and MD
    * Nightmares
    * Urinary problems
    * Hormonal imbalances
    * Menstrual and menopausal disorders
    * Problems with vision
    * Nausea and vomiting
    * A ‘bilious’ or angry personality
    * Dull pain on the right side
    * Difficulty breathing
    * Clay-colored stool
    * Prostate diseases
    * Other sexual problems
    * Digestive disorders
    * Liver spots, especially those on the back of the hands and facial area
    * Dizziness and fainting spells
    * Loss of muscle tone
    * Excessive weight or wasting
    * Strong shoulder or back pain
    * Pain at the top of a shoulder blade and/or between the shoulder blades
    * Dark color under the eyes
    * Morbid complexion
    * Tongue that is glossy or coated in white or yellow
    * Frozen shoulder
    * Headaches and migraines
    * Tooth and gum problems
    * Yellowness of the eyes and skin
    * Numbness and paralysis of legs
    * Alzheimer’s disease
    * Cold extremities
    * Excessive heat and perspiration in the upper part of the body
    * Very greasy hair or hair loss
    * Cuts or wounds that keep bleeding and don’t heal
    * Difficulty sleeping, insomnia
    * Stiffness of joints and muscles
    * Hot and cold flushes”

    Ener-chi, “The Number One Health Risk”

    But you have to buy the book to find out how to get rid of all of these ailments. I have to say (and maybe I’m not the best businessman) that if I had that knowledge I would call every researcher in the country and share my secret for free…just to make the world a better place.

  41. Great post Henry. You are kind, eloquent and respectful. Every post written against Moritz comes across so angry and I’m left asking myself, ‘Why is Moritz’s information perceived to be threatening?’ What is the alternative, really? What has conventional medicine really done for cancer? Sorry guys but chemotherapy, radiation, and ectomies are just not good enough. You know Michael, if you came across intelligently (by not using the words ‘stupid’) and respectfully, people would be more inclined to listen to what you have to say. We all know the rest of the angry folk are on your side anyway. . .

  42. Grace,

    You seem not to have read my previous posts, in which I answered every one of your questions. This is silly. Being angry does not make one wrong. Moritz’s information is perceived to be threatening because he promotes, for financial gain, ideas that can cause considerable harm to people who are sucked into being convinced that his opinion is fact. Could you stop criticizing Micheal’s attitude, which is completely beside the point, and respond to the evidence?

    I have posted some factual information from The National Cancer Institute above. Please refute this information, if you can, before bringing up Micheal’s emotional state again.

    I still have not gotten an answer from anyone about why Mr. Moritz is profiting off ideas which, if true, could alter the world dramatically for the better. Could someone PLEASE answer this? I have Type 1 Diabetes, a brain injury from a congenital Arteriovenous Malformation, a brain injury from Malarial Encephalitis, and Epilepsy. I pay for “Western” health insurance (which has saved my life more than once), but I get FREE advice from a D.O. who is my brother’s business partner, and advice my acupuncturist whom I pay $5 per session because she knows that I am near destitute. Why is Mr. Moritz so greedy?

    Remember, we are not discussing emotional states; we are discussing deeply important issues of health and morality. Calling someone angry is an easy and well recognized way of avoiding answering to factual information. “Just keep to the facts, Ma’am.” as the TV cops used to say.

  43. Haha, you’re seriously going to argue that smokers are positve thinkers? Yeah right. They know smoking is damaging to their health. It’s a concious act of self-hate.

    I don’t know how well his cancer cures work because i havn’t personally tried them, but as far as i can tell this guy Moritz knows what he’s talking about when it comes to gallbladder & liver cleanses. i tried it a couple of times and had a nasty amount of stones flush out. He is helping people to help themselves, in a much more affordable way. Compare the prices of what Moritz says you’ll need to use, to a hospital or doctor visit. Major money savings if you go the natural way. The joke’s on you Michael.

  44. Haha, you’re seriously going to argue that smokers are positve thinkers? Yeah right. They know smoking is damaging to their health. It’s a concious act of self-hate.

    So then what of those who smoked prior to anyone knowing that cigarettes were so harmful? We should find a cancer incident rate which is not statistically different from the general, non-smoking population, right?

    Oh, and where are your studies which show a causative link between negative thinkers and smokers?

    Darn science.

  45. All of you really make me laugh. Thanks for making my day. The argument on both sides doesn’t really solve the question of quackery does it? A blend of modern medicine and natural medicine seems to be the best answer to the problems here. It is true that our parents or grandparents were perhaps healthier than we are due because they grew some of their own foods, but their life span was not as long. We have good medical advancements that weren’t available then that help our expected life spans be longer. The practices of people in other cultures in regards to foods and medical care and how much longer they live is both a scientific fact and “natural” fact. Some people in certain countries and those that eat or don’t eat certain foods certainly do live longer lives. The question here does not seem to be whether or not Mr. Moritz is a quack, but the intolerance of both of these men to come to some type of middle ground. If none of the claims made by either of these “scholars” was true, would we even have to read this? Actual scientists are looking into the benefits of eating a more natural diet and most of the drugs we are given are based on plant properties that have been synthesized. So it seems that the medical community does not completely debunk the naturalist point of view. The only problem I see is that both of these people believe that only they are right and there is no meeting halfway. If someone wants to look into the Moritz books or “read” them online, if you just Google the name of the book, it is possible to read a lot of it online as some sites give you a inner glimpse and some allow you to read most of the book. The only drawback is that in order to have the information you have read with you for reference, you must buy the book. This is true with most books, not just one author. P.S. There are other “practitioners” out there making a lot more money off of their ideas than just Mr. Moritz. What about the “Eat Right 4 Your Type guy? His theories seem much more far fetched than someone who is touting a natural foods diet.

  46. There are a lot of points made in your post, Sandy, and most of them I will let rest as they are. But as for the last one about other people with far fetched ideas, I will address.

    I’m not familiar with the specific example you give, but I’m sure there are a lot of people out there looking for a quick buck through dishonest means. That’s awful, but it isn’t necessarily dangerous. Moritz, on the other hand, is dangerous. He is giving ‘advice’ which goes against the health of cancer patients. In another book, he claims HIV isn’t contagious. It’s bad enough he’s selling snake oil, but now he’s lacing it with poison.

  47. C’mon Mike, face it; you’re just as bad as Moritz because you point out the poison without patting him on the back for not pointing out how his spiritually-infused rocks aren’t poisonous at all! ( Though perhaps Moritz might add that they should NOT be ingested. )

  48. I think we are living in a time that when a MD makes an error it is part of his job people say. When a person who is good known with alternative medicine makes an error he/she is called a snake oil seller.
    Time will change I suppose. What is the value of a MD who has studied 20 or 30 years ago and who learned in his Medical school only 8 hours information about foodstuff.
    If I put cognac and not diesel in my car he won’t be happy.

    My father had a brain infarct and his MD did not even ask him what he eat every day. Worse he did not even tell him what to eat in the future. Is that also a snake oil seller?

    I agree with you that there are people who do or don’t have the knowledge and wants to make a quick buck. (but even people who are MD don’t they?).
    Don’t forget that eating and thinking can makes you sick, so eating and (not too much) thinking can makes you also healthy.
    Good that someone has the integral knowledge of all this.

  49. Its funny. As I was reading this article, I kept thinking how poorly it was written…and then I caught his comment at the end actually attacking Moritz’s writing…made me laugh.

  50. ha…This article has quite the Fox News flare…perhaps Michael could find employment there, a budding Bill O’Reilly! Yes, I do think the world might need just one more novice commentator. “stupid,” “dangerous,” “crackpot…” very convincing vocabulary! haha.

  51. I feel no need to defend my writing. There are hundreds of posts which do that for me on this blog. However, the person who uses ellipses in her writing may want to rethink laying down criticism.

  52. Yes, but I’m not writing a professional essay:) Just making a comment (see…I just wrote a phrase). oh no!

  53. Yes, but I’m not writing a professional essay

    What is with all these people who think I’m claiming to be a scholar or professional or anything else? I’ve pointed out that I’m an undergrad student within this very comment section.

  54. Well at least I didn’t get dinged on MY writing yet. lol. There is an excellent movie made by a real person with cancer called Crazy Sexy Cancer. You should really watch for it. The woman making it is filming her journey as she finds out she has stage 4 cancer and what she does/does not do to try and “cure” it. Won’t take up all the space here by giving it away, but if any of you have seen it would like your opinion. It is usually shown on the Discovery Health channel. You may also want to scan the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type website. This guy is saying that based on your blood type you must eat certain things and not others. Some of the suggestions make some sense, but I have yet to find out any scientific research that supports that if you are a type O, you should eat lots and lots of red meat. Cholesterol anyone????

  55. I did the gall bladder flush. There is nothing new about these type of flushes. They are very very old. The South Americans, Native Americans, and African Americans do these. He did not coin them, but they do work. It doesn’t take buying a book. There is another free website called hulda’s gall bladder flush. I would say that Moritz is making a buck off something he did not create.

  56. A very emotionally driven forum this one appears to be. The war on cancer hasn’t worked, but the non allopathic side hasn’t had any more victories than the allopathic side. There is a lot of quackery in complimentary therapies but its also there in big pharma as well.
    I work around the world on the mind body aspects of cancer for Improvement In the Quality of Life NOT CURING or claiming to cure. I’ve done a few small correctly conducted clinical trials, and there is a lot of other good quality evidence to demonstrate the effects of the mind body connection, but it cannot cure cancer. I spent some time at the Royal Marsden Hospital this year and spoke to lots of victims who had paid up to and over a million pounds for treatment and most of them never make it home, so who’s ripping who off. I felt sorry for the Drs and nurses who had no option but to follow the standard of care regardless of the often pathetic negavtive outcomes. Having said that a lot of people don’t make it home from the alternative clinics either. There is no single cause for cancer so there is going to be no single cure. The MDs are always going to make better diagnosticians than the other side and all cancer IS NOT emotionally inspired, the fear and negative emotions which tend to over ride the psyche after a diagnosis don’t help the body to cure though. The bottom line is that it is very serious disease that does kill and has a better treatment result if it is detected early, even then many of the cancers are going to kill their host regardless of what type of treatment they choose. The disease is an insideous curse that lines the pockets of too many people on both sides of the fence. At the end of the day “The only thing mankind ever cured was fish and bacon.” the body heals itself with the right help including medications, surgury, diet, sun, and a contented attitude. If you smoke and abuse yourself with a poor diet well perhaps you should reconsider your lifestyle and habits to give yourself a better chance. The self abusers so often heard about who live to 100 and smoked and drank everyday etc are mostly urban myths and by far the exception than the rule.
    This argument will go on forever until a unified protocol is brought into being and I think unless big pharma owns and controls it, then that is never going to happen. There are three types of lies “Lies, Damn Lies, and Stastics. At the end of the day if you are diagnosed research your treatment outcomes carefully and always get a second opinion before you make your choice. If you liove in a country where cancer treatment is 100% controlled by medicine and you have no other treatment options available, don’t go back to your doctor, go to your travel agent and head for a place like Germany or Switzerland where at least you will have some good evidence based allied therapies available administered by medical staff who are prepered to peek beyond chemo and radiation or use them in conjuction with it.

  57. Thanks for all the swell info, Ricky! I’m gonna need a few weeks to sort through it and determine what the heck you’re talking about, but then, I’m gonna do what you suggest. I think.

  58. Hi and thanks Trog69.
    Its a tough call. After daignosis it is important not to panic and to make an informed choice. Don’t consider all allopathic treatments as guarantees for cure, and if you choose an alternative treatment clinic make sure it is attached to a medical hospital where all options are available to you.
    I don’t know if I can say it here but the the Cecil Clinic in Lausanne Switzerland is excellent and so in The Clinique Genolier in Nyon Switzerland. In these two clinics all evidence based treatments from both sides of the fence are available and the medical staff are very caring highly trained. Its the same in mexico, many of the clinics are extremely dubious but there are some good ones. In Italy the De Bella treatment is also strongly evidence based and administered by trained medical staff.
    we have a hypothermia frequency treatment in Australia brought into being by a medical specialist called John Holt, clinical and experiential evidence for its success on many cancers was overwhelming, but the powers that be abmonished it although once the press got hold of the story they had to admit his protocol had some valid merit. I was amazed to learn it is now on national health in Germany and one of the first lines of treatment for many cancers in Germany. So who’s right and who’s wrong. Western medicine is based on science and the nature of science is that evidence must be produced. One thing that is a fact is that there are many cancers that there are many cancers for which chemotherpay is basically useless and does nothing more than to induce misery, but there are also new targeted chemotherapy protocols that are prooving to be very succesful with some cancers.
    One thing is for sure, at the end of the day we will all meet our maker, and it is more comfortable to do that not ravaged by expensive poison which is what chemo can be if it is not evidence based to show a genuine improvement.

  59. Pam, also Hulda Clark copied and adapted her liver flush. She added Parasite zapping and black walnut Hull Tincture to it.

    Moritz and Clark made it popular and now many people saved their gallbladder.

    Deepak Chopra writes about consciousness and the soul. Is he the inventor of consciousness and the soul?

  60. trog69 I thought I’d found a forum here that was at least a little bit balanced. What an angry person you must be eveything I have read that you have posted here is either attacking or defensive, so stick to your opinions with your equally attacking undergrad mate and stay on your futile path, do you have shares in Ivax, ot are you like John Reed, on the board of Ivax and British American tobacco as well? For the trillions of dollars that have been wasted since Reagan declared his war on cancer there has been basically no improvements in cure or survival rates. It is a shame that science and reality don’t often make good bedfellows. Another dose of Chemo anybody?
    There is no single cause or cure for cancer. The so called science funded by the Pharma industry continuously manipulates stastics and dresses itself in far finer garments than its really entitled to wear. If we stick with the same science of the past we are going to keep getting the same results and dollar for dollar they are quite pathetic. Sure there is a lot of quackery out there, but its on both sides of the fence. Science once asid the earth was flat WRONG. Science once said the Sun revolved around the earth WRONG. Medical science was once adament that all ulcers were caused by stress and stomach acid, then waited 20 years and let a Vet give himself ulcers and cure them countless times before all the old buggers at the med schools retired or dropped dead to save them the embarassment of their stick in the mud incorrectness before he got a nobel prize, and the guy was a Vet not even a doctor. If you are an MD you must have a futile cure rate and should perhaps stick to panel beating the physically injured, if you are also an undergrad well your attitude is understandable. As long as medicine is as one eyed as your opinions seem to be well its going to be a long time before any advances are made. Or maybe your just one of those people who likes to argue and throw mud at any cnace you get. Face it the world is waking up, and as far as cancer treatment is concerned western medicine is not on the winning side anymore.

  61. everybody’s right. nobody wants illness. different treatments work for different people. Prevention is still the key and alternative cures for cancer really work but one must alter one’s diet and lifestyle redically which is not easy sometimes. EVERY form of cancer/illness treatment is a risk.
    The only way to heal the world is to keep an open mind and respect and love everyone. Grab the person you hate the most and tell them how much you love them NOW!

    love and health to you all,

  62. Andreas Moritz a standard contributor at CureZone has always been a gentleman, but the whole site is infested with greed and behind the scenes less than ethical behavior.

    Moderators are not moderate, nor do they allow anything that might interfere with a good sales pitch for product- they use all the tactics that they criticize big pharma

    Spam, computer breakins you name it destroying blogs out and out spite. Some alt names have come out of that backdrop of less than ethical behavior.

    jinjee, who is well loved and cannot be questioned because the post will be hidden, Talifero as Hanna, Johanna, Invincible, Maya and several otehr identities.
    Lapis, Dr Donald Walker of Medical Remore Viewing infamy heals by getting in one’s underwear ! Also bilking older wealthy yoga teachers who call him “Her lover” -join the list of patients, friends and lovers
    Let’s see I believe David Wolfe of “Sponge Bob” fame “Best Day Ever” ones ever to uncover will be , Dr Group III, his old partner and Iodine forum guru, Andreas Moritz, and several other colorful dupes

    Don and Bob, Did you pay the IRS taxes on your gambling winnings?;}

  63. Wow. CureZone is the motherlode of Woowoowoo. Here’s just the first few Support Forum threads:

    • Relationship 4 min
    • Mosaic 4 min
    • Support Mosaic 4 min
    • Favorites 4 min
    • Oxygen 8 min
    • Peeling Lips 11 min
    • The Truth in Medicine 35 min
    • Fasting: Water Only. 39 min
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    • News 63 min
    • Diet & Nutrition 63 min
    • Spirituality 73 min
    • Consciousness 73 min
    • Deceased’s Messages 73 min
    • Psychic Experiences 73 min
    • Astrology 82 min
    • Enema & Colonics 96 min

    If I were still in the market for a babysitter, a “Yes” to the question “do you post @CureZone?” would kill the deal right there.

  64. Dude, maybe you know something about science but not much about law. If I were Andreas Moritz I would sue your ass and not worry if its “bad karma” for you or for me. He can easily put you to jail for 2 years. You cant publicly offend a person. Thats just one example-
    “Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person, using electronic means to support severe, repeated, and hostile behavior, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

  65. Dude, maybe you know something about science but not much about law. If I were Andreas Moritz I would sue your ass and not worry if its “bad karma” for you or for me. He can easily put you to jail for 2 years. You cant publicly offend a person.

    First of all, yes I do know about the laws which protect me. Second, he could not put me in jail. Here are the reasons you’re wrong.

    1. A libel suit is what would need to occur here. Moritz would need to prove that I adversely affected his income while also showing that I said something untrue. In other words, I would have needed to slander him with some falsehood. That has not happened. I took the ridiculous things he has said and gave my opinion on them. That’s protected under the First Amendment.

    2. If he brought a suit against me and actually won, I would not be jailed. You have no idea what you’re saying. Criminal cases can result in jail or prison. This would be a civil matter.

    3. I can publicly offend whomever I please. Like right now, you’re a complete and utter twit. That was fun. I hope you are offended.

  66. I love all your books Andreas Mortiz. They gave me so much insight and guidance for healing. Your books speak the truth. Thank you!

  67. Andreas Moritz’s books have helped me and my family tremendously. His books are cheap and for all of you who say you need to give him $ you’ve forgotten that his books are available at the library for free. And everything used in his protocols are inexpensive and he in no way makes money off them. To the writer of this article: You suck.

  68. Michael, you’re an undergrad and you wrote this crap against Andreas? It’s like a toddler saying sex is bad for you.

  69. Michael. You come off as a ranty little brat while
    Andreas intelligently answers all your questions
    and concerns but you ignore practically everything
    he says in response to you.

    As I’ve said before Andreas helped me though a
    two terribly painful gall bladder attacks and told me
    called him at least 6 or 7 times and he patiently
    guided through the most painful time in my life.

    I know I must have been a pain in the ass but he
    never said that.

    Instead he was THERE for me and I will appreciate
    him for the rest of my life.

    To repeat: He is a good and decent man who IS
    NOT out to make a buck of of others.To the contrary,

  70. Michael is obviously another creation of the pharma funded medical curriculums. Bottom line since Reagan declared a war on cancer is that it is increasing flat out and their stastics are easily fudged to make it look otherwise, but then if I was going to earn the fortune that most oncologists get paid to indulge in the futility of handing out patented poison I would believe what I was taught as well. Its nice when you meet the old school doctors who know there is much more to it that the academic attitude that is now enforced upon all medical students. And what a result, trillions of dollars paid out in all directions to keep the lie going while 300,000 a year in the US die from medical mistakes and incompetence.
    In reality most people are going to die from most cancers if they contract it. The system is based on profit. So I guess you can die in agony from most approved treatments or just take painkillers and die in peace and leave your money to your family.
    Why would any person pay a fortune to spend an extra year or two in agony and misery. So called science is never going to find an answer to this, and as far as Western allopathic medicine is concerned, it is now based 12% on science and research and 88% on peer review, so it will be a long time before they even look for the truth let alone find it . It was amazing that last year they actually admitted that some cancers are viral, ten years ago anyone who said that was a quack.

  71. in simplicity i ask a question and require and answer .if you care about human well being more than the pride of being right , cause thats what its all about right ,people being healed from this often fatal disease no matter how, cause if it works the method shouldnt be questioned only utilized,why be so indignant about what hes saying.whats fueling this indignation. see, i ask not do you believe in the method, but do you have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one person have ever yielded any positive fruits as a result of following any of his teachings.if you have thats all an well he need to be exposed, but if not and there are people who have yielded positive results thus ultimately baring the same fruit i believe you would or should want to bare witch is freedom from cancer, please tell me what is your point

  72. Andreas is a wonderful person. I asked him one little question on facebook about my father. He wrote much more then only the answer on my little question. He dedicates his time in order to help people with problems and it is his passion.
    He has more knowledge then many PhD en MD.
    That’s my opinion. The doctors of my father did not even ask him about food, emotional state.

  73. Okay, we get it, Raimond. You love the woo! Fine. Don’t follow up on Mr. Moritz’ claims with verifiable evidence. Just keep buying his books and fondling his stones. But you do him no favors by coming here repeatedly and showing how much of a shill for the good “doctor” you really are.

  74. trog69 what is your problem. if hes simply giving someone do credit why r u so upset about it . what he eat dont make you whats your point

  75. Sorry, str8cain; I don’t speak texting-speak, and you’ve already proven to be an imbecile of the first order, so really, don’t bother translating.

  76. trog69, saying that another person is an imbecile of the first order that’s not makes you more credible.
    Why all this violence in your speaking?

  77. trog69 i actually felt like i have lowered my i.q. just to imbecilically responding to you. for me to have read that earlier unascertainable comment you made an actually respond to it was imbecilic on my part. so ironically in your ignorance your quite right. 0_o

  78. hi Michael Hawkins, nice to see you have a funny bone. hope your having a good day. well anyway i wrote ,witch thought was a none offensive question. i would appreciate an answer, my good man. so again,in simplicity i ask a question and require and answer .if you care about human well being more than the pride of being right , cause thats what its all about right ,people being healed from this often fatal disease no matter how, cause if it works the method shouldnt be questioned only utilized,why be so indignant about what hes saying.whats fueling this indignation. see, i ask not do you believe in the method, but do you have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one person have ever yielded any positive fruits as a result of following any of his teachings.if you have thats all an well he need to be exposed, but if not and there are people who have yielded positive results thus ultimately baring the same fruit i believe you would or should want to bare witch is freedom from cancer, please tell me what is your point

  79. Wow. I gotta wonder how the heck either of you two could even find this site, nevermind answering the points made by Mr. Hawkins in this post.

  80. Andreas Moritz encourages people to go on emotional journeys in an effort to find the ‘real’ cause behind their diseases. He says this about just about every ailment, from cancer to diabetes to HIV/AIDS. He is actively discouraging people from seeking real help. This makes him a very dangerous person – and a complete and utter mountebank and charlatan.

  81. @ 69 witch is irony in itself, once again your ignorance have manifested itself blatantly. i have never not once answered one question from the presumably wise Mr. Hawkins. anything short of inquiry would make me that imbecile, a title you so heavenly bestowed upon me.

  82. @ Mr. Hawkins, your convictions are truly admirable. i can without a shadow of a doubt understand your feelings. when i think of an innocent stress and worry free child, growing up eating healthy and living a good life being taken over by a deathly disease such as cancer, that thought alone wars with and contradicts a lot of what it seems to me he is saying, but also being armed with facts that there are a whole lot of procedures and clams that dont help out a lot, really help let alone have any validity to them. there have been studies that even in early detection some of the medical fields most advance weaponry in this war against cancer have white flagged….so again i am innocently asking do you know with out a shadow of a doubt what he proclaim has never worked?now if you do im with you a.t.w. but if not , on sheer justice of facts alone your in error.

  83. I wonder whether my experience of cancer would be of help? 11 years ago I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was told that my treatment would consist in a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This would not cure my cancer however. It would only mean that I would get periods of remission and then my cancer would reappear and I would need more treatment. This, for the rest of my life. I was totally ignorant of alternative approaches and would not have known where to start had I not met a wonderful man who gave me reflexology treatment and much more. He gave me a book written by Rudolf Breuss which I found very enlightening and mentioned Max Gerson as well. I read both books. They made perfect sense. What puzzled me was the resistance from the medical establishment to these approaches. Despite the testimonials from thousands of people who were cured of “terminal” cancer when they followed Breuss’s or Gerson’s methods, these two were never able to have their protocol become an accepted form of treatment. Well, I have no medical knowledge but I followed Breuss’s protocol and then moved on to more juicing. I walked for 2 hours per day I meditated twice a day. I used affirmations and visualisations. They helped me calm my fear and focus my mind on healing myself. I gave up my job…etc etc. Within a year, I was free of cancer and this condition never returned. What Andreas Moritz says in his book is worth noting. You might not agree with it, but please do not ridicule something you do not fully understand. I have seen too many of my relatives die of the treatment they received for their cancer and I am grateful that people like Andreas Moritz at least have an understanding of what makes us sick, on all levels. There are plenty of valid alternatives out there that do not rob people of their power to heal themselves and do not dehumanise them. Yes, there are emotional reasons why a person might develop a certain disease. God, I should know! I had many reasons for mine. Dear Michael, I do hope you are a genuine person and not someone who is paid by the pharmaceutical industry to keep the truth hidden. There is no money to be made in telling people that they can heal themselves with carrot juice and the likes, but there is plenty in fooling us into accepting dangerous drugs as treatment. I wish you well.

  84. @ Cathie, i really appreciate that give me something more to study, cause im not trying to make no one look stupid(witch some people whole entirety just screams it) smart right or wronge , im only interested in facts that are structurally sound that runs synonymous with unmovable truths. until all these are innocently acquired unbiasedly brought forth,and pursued without prejudice there will only be ignorance,witch will make us ignorant, or as the great TROG69 text an imbecile. so again thanks Cathie and i thank God your doing fine

  85. again..@ Mr. Hawkins, your convictions are truly admirable. i can without a shadow of a doubt understand your feelings. when i think of an innocent stress and worry free child, growing up eating healthy and living a good life being taken over by a deathly disease such as cancer, that thought alone wars with and contradicts a lot of what it seems to me he is saying, but also being armed with facts that there are a whole lot of procedures and clams that dont help out a lot, really help let alone have any validity to them. there have been studies that even in early detection some of the medical fields most advance weaponry in this war against cancer have white flagged….so again i am innocently asking do you know with out a shadow of a doubt what he proclaim has never worked?now if you do im with you a.t.w. but if not , on sheer justice of facts alone your in error.

  86. Michael Hawkins, you sound absolutely nothing like Bill O’reilly; you back up your arguments with facts :). Actually Moritz sounds somewhat like him, what with not responding to your points directly, misrepresenting your points, calling you angry and such.

    BTW, I wonder if any of these replies are actually sockpuppet accounts created by Moritz? Some of them seem to have a similar writing style to him.

  87. Haven’t you heard? I’m just a shill for Big Pharmaceutical!

    I’ve wondered the same thing, 2552. I regularly check IP addresses. They often come from completely different areas. Of course, that doesn’t mean much. It isn’t hard to mess around with IPs. stra8cain’s last post comes from a different address than all his others. Most odd, however, is that they are located within the U.S. His writing style seems to indicate otherwise.

  88. just what do my writing style seem to indicate? and i dont see how my ip address could differ from any other. but anyway i just wanted a simple answer,but to see this between you and 2552 almost would null anything you say. but hey ,my naivety renders me optimistic in a pure hearted fashion… ….again….again..@ Mr. Hawkins, your convictions are truly admirable.and i do really mean that. and i can without a shadow of a doubt understand your feelings. when i think of an innocent stress and worry free child, growing up eating healthy and living a good life being taken over by a deathly disease such as cancer, that thought alone wars with and contradicts a lot of what it seems to me he is saying, but also being armed with facts that there are a whole lot of procedures and clams that dont help out a lot, really help let alone have any validity to them. there have been studies that even in early detection some of the medical fields most advance weaponry in this war against cancer have white flagged….so again i am innocently asking do you know with out a shadow of a doubt what he proclaim has never worked?now if you do im with you a.t.w. but if not , on sheer justice of facts alone your in error.

  89. His advice is to “make sense of this life changing event” (cancer) in order to recover from it. He then defines ‘making sense of it’ as confronting personal conflicts, guilt and shame, poor self-image and other things which are not the reason people get cancer. This isn’t going to work to get rid of any disease unless we start defining ‘a case of the Mondays’ as a disease.

    His advice is dangerous. It’s anti-scientific in its very nature. All he is doing is preying on people who feel awful about their terrible situation and then claiming that they have a terrible situation because they feel awful. At best he’s misinterpreting the correlations he sees in his personal, anecdotal experiences. At worst he’s abusing the fragile state of many cancer patients just to make a buck.

  90. I agree, Raimond. I also agree that in 5-10 years, just as now, people will post comments in blogs that will consist of willfully ignoring what the author wrote, and opining regardless.

    But that will only be a common view and/or modus operandi of the gullible and willfully ignorant, again, just as it is today.

  91. @ Michael Hawkins, sir you seem to be an extremely intelligent person.a man who believes what he believes with an obvious conviction that fuels his passion beyond just reasonable determination and patience i might add, that are clearly displayed on this page by your continual answering and responding to some of what i would just simply consider ignorance…..whether it would be from negative narrow minded negators or eager to hop in and help supporters…… (Trog the frog)…..That alone in itself is commendable…to a degree. see as you know science is something to be exhaustively studied and researched .thats even any and every i can understand how those efforts can simply be bound by the parameters of what one would call logic, in witch that witch Andreas in terms of science speak of , wouldnt be. witch i think is fitting to say things now in science that seem almost basic ,some decades ago wasnt logical.not that they had not already been, but we just merely caught to them with our ever increasing knowledge then tossed them in our category logic.with that being said , all i ask is a simple inquirer is have you use any of that passion to even slightly consider maybe even putting forth the slightest effort in seeing if its any truth to what he says.cause if it isnt anything that would suggest that hes wrong without proof thats not logical, therefor not proper science

  92. aah, this me reaping what i sowed for applauding your leaping efforts and willingness to ambitiously use your tongue to lash out (so to speak) against ones who you would THINK bug Michael Hawkins? well i commend your attitude to just jump into it ,cause if anything it does show your ambitious among other things

  93. I have not read all the responses on this site in response to Micheal Hawkins’ s blog responding to Andreas Moritz’s article regarding cancer. I have to say that, from just the responses alone, I have way more respect for Andreas Moritz than I do Michael Hawkins. When someone writes such an absolutely emotional and defamatory piece about another person or thing, it raises questions big time. Why is Michael Hawkins so emotional about this? Does he have connections to and/or shares in pharmaceutical corporations, or did he write that piece on behalf of pharmaceutical corporations. One might almost wonder. The thing is that Mr Moritz is not the only person who has ever drawn attention to how stress can be a cause of cancer. My mother died of colon cancer, and I would say that her cancer was caused by stress (indirectly, as she suffered from severe constipation for years, but constipation most certainly can be caused by stress). An aunt of mine also ended up with colon cancer a couple of years after she started looking after her sister who had Alzheimer’s (which developed after her husband’s death). My aunt, who has a medical background by the way, said herself that she thought stress (from looking after her sister) was a large factor. I have read Andreas Moritz’s article but not his book. However, I think that his article presents a very good argument. Mr Hawkins, if you really want people TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY, then present statistics that confirm the efficacy of chemotherapy (most especially) and radiation (accumulated through scientific and empirical means, not just randomly accumulated to support your case). It would be most interesting if you could do this. (Well, I’m sure if you get your information from pharmaceutical manufacturers, which are known for falsifying information, then you may get your desired results.) By the way, who are you really Mr. Hawkins? Me thinks that you are most certainly not an enlightened member of the human species.

  94. By the way, Chris, I happened to look at you responses citing ‘stat’s on cancer recovery from the National Cancer Society. I assume you know that the Cancer Society receives funding from the Pharmaceutical companies. (In fact, perhaps you work for one.) I know someone who got a job with the Cancer Society in Canada, but did not feel right working there due to a real lack of interest in finding real solutions. (He found it difficult to adjust to their view and ethics — or their lack thereof.) Several years ago a Canadian journalist got cancer and she took the Cancer Society to task, thoroughly exposing how they haven’t really done much at all in seriously researching healing methods for cancer. (And the Cancer Societies do raise millions of funds a year, don’t they?) In fact, I would not be suprised to find out the the National Cancer Society in the US (as I believe the largest percentage of pharmaceutical manufacturers are located there) has more than one representative from a pharmaceutical company on its board. (It has been revealed that Monsanto most certainly has representatives on the FDA — ethical? Not on your life.) Therefore, I would not pay any attention to the falsified information the Cancer Societies spew out to the unsuspecting public. Isn’t it a pity and isn’t it a shame that so many people have been duped by the Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Associations and organizations such as the Cancer Societies. So, we should all just blindly believe science you think? Ironically, the lack of treatment people are getting from the conventional route is the very reason that more and more people are going to alternative practitioners. I guess if it were up to you and Mr Hawkins, all those alternative practitioners (including Mr Moritz) would be shut down and thrown in jail — perhaps with a sentence as long as that given to Madoff. Well, I’m most certainly sure the Pharmaceutical companies and other powers that be (already mentioned) would really support that idea.

  95. Forget Moritz, we can learn a lot from Laureen!

    * Michael is emotional, and that’s somehow bad.
    * Michael might be a pharmaceutical company shill (connections to, shares in and/or employed by an evil pharmaceutical company)
    * Moritz can’t be a crackpot, because there are other (nutters) who share his viewpoint.
    * she has two personal anecdotes (including a gran with a “medical background”) which clearly back up the shill claim
    * and another which validates her claim that the Cancer Society is also dodgy
    * you can only be taken seriously if you present stats – clearly showing someone is a nutter through logic just isn’t enough
    * _but_ even if Michael does produce stats, you can’t trust them – he’s a shill remember. Nice circular argument there.
    * Michael may not even be Michael (better tell the pharma companies to update his employee details)
    * either way, he isn’t an enlightened member of humanity, whatever that means (are any humans enlightened? Sometimes I doubt it)
    * Michael wants all alternative practitioners to be shut down and thrown in jail
    * Pharmaceuticals and “powers that be” also want to shut down/imprison alternative practitioners
    * there is some connection between alternative medical quacks and criminal investment bankers (this is worth a post on its own 🙂

  96. thanks Laureen, such intelligence, such grace, and very very informative. i have been doing some researching of my own, and it line up perfectly with what your hoping that maybe your more intelligent approach will yield something other than the ingenuous points to ponder by Trog and the ever elusive answers of Micheal Hawkins, but anyway,thanks for the unbias information

  97. Yes Laureen, that’s a great way to have your comment taken seriously.

    Please explain why your argument has merit, but remember, I won’t believe anything you present, so, don’t even bother.”

    Uh-oh, I didn’t see that you had str8pain’s seal of approval; That changes everything.

  98. One of my sister and I, we began a new life after reading two books of Andreas Moritz, and after doing what he’s advising. My sister is now free of cancer, since one year, (“they” wanted to operate it out) and I, free of fatigue and full of energy. May Michael say, this is only the placebo-effect, may it be….. however, it was successful, after “our” mediciners were not able to help us, but very wondered, what happened!!

    Many thanks für Andreas Moritz from Switzerland

  99. I wonder if Michael Hawkins will one day have the humility and good grace to acknowledge that his vicious comments are far more harmful than a good liver cleanse ?
    Wishing you well

  100. I agree with Ewan. Michael is a big pharma paid harasser.
    Andreas, forget about him and do your good work. You can not reason with someone who is unreasonable.

  101. Wow. I was reading through this forum and as I was going through it I was preparing my responses in my mind. But the more I read on, the more I started to feel like “What’s the point? Anything I say is going to fall on deaf ears.”

    So you know what. I’m not even going to bother discussing the topic because there’s no point. But I just thought I’d share my feelings on this matter.

    I think the wise people will read into this and know where I stand on the issue. All I would like to say to those people is stay on your path. You know what’s right for you. And so do I. 😉


  102. I’d like to share a little story for those who have ears.

    Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen.

    Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor’s cup full, and then kept on pouring.

    The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. “It is overfull. No more will go in!”

    “Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”

  103. hahahahaha. No shit. Pats on the back and trite little truisms, yet still they ignore the evidence and put their trust in the flim-flam man.

  104. Open your eyes. All of you, people go on blaming each other, about right and wrong, fact and fiction, Just take a look at the history of the world, just about every great scientist has received persecution for their beliefs and findings.
    All of you with your all so mighty facts, and truths, need to remember one thing.
    You are either apart of the solution or apart of the problem. And arguing over where you are is not getting anything useful or productive done.
    You want to fight over something, Fight to save our dying planet, Fight to save what precious little is left of our natural world. Work together to find solutions. So much creativity, so much potential, all wasted on the need to prove a point.

  105. How can stress be the cause of 85% of all dis-ease? It must clearly be the cause of all dis-ease. Whether it’s physical (from the environment i.e. over sunning one’s self or smoking cigarettes, drinking contaminated water) emotional (trauma internalized) or mental (beliefs creating a negative plecebo); it’s all stress. The body’s response to any of these stressors many be to mutate genes and DNA, create imbalances and chronic illness, or not react at all.

    As creatures living in different bodies coming from different backgrounds and upbringings we all have varying thresholds for the different stresses that we encounter in any given moment.

    Most everything I’ve read in these comments has been an attempt to make all of humankind fit one mold, and no set of creatures on earth fit one mold for that creature. That’s what makes the Universe so amazing. So many of it’s components which look like the others are different, in some way, however small and these small differences or large differences are what make it impossible to predict what will happen if Jane smokes cigarettes and John never does and still John gets lung cancer and Jane lives to 120 years old smoking a pack a day. It happens.

    There is no actual right or wrong in the Universe, everything just “is”. Neither you, Michael, or Andreas know what will work or what is appropriate for another human being. It’s all theory that will resonate for some and not for others. I support both of you in putting your beliefs out into the world in whatever way you each choose to do so, it is the only way others will find you and draw their own conclusions.

  106. What the hell is it with the commenters who have such “open-minds” that their brains fall out?

    All of you with your all so mighty facts, and truths, need to remember one thing.
    You are either apart of the solution or apart of the problem.

    No, you’re either a part of the solution or part of the particulate.

    There is no actual right or wrong in the Universe, everything just “is”. Neither you, Michael, or Andreas know what will work or what is appropriate for another human being. It’s all theory that will resonate for some and not for others.

    Gee, if only there were some way to tell if what you propose will actually be of benefit to others. Some kind of testing or analysis, mebbe. With quantifiable results, mayhaps. Wouldn’t that be a humdinger? Then, when someone like Michael comes along and provides evidence that what you propose is not legitimate, you could pull up all the data to show how you’ve tested said proposal, and here’s the results.

  107. Ignorance is bliss. Keep up your arrogant point of view Michael. You poor guy probably never gets a good lay from a decent woman. Dude, I feel truly sorry for your fat ass.

    Puuhhh, this had to come out. It’s unbearable to read comments from such an idiot.


  108. Michael, you sound very much like the undergrad you are. Grow up and try to have fun doing it….instead of being so full of yourself that you miss the best part of youth: Discovery!

  109. Yeah! I wish I could sound more like the “medical intuitive” that has little to no post-secondary education! And I really should have been so excited when I discovered that cancer is not a disease!

    Oh, and AIDS. Moritz doesn’t think AIDS is a disease.

  110. This Michael Hawkins needs mental help. This is my last post. What a waste of time and energy. What an arrogant, uneducated, cocky, opinionated piece of work you are.

    He must be working for someone who pays him to discredit alternative medicince as I can hardly imagine such a low level of intelligence, especially from anybody claiming to go to post secondary education.

  111. What a complete waste of time and energy this young arrogant “student” demands. Maybe he didn’t get enough attention from his parents or maybe he was just bullied around in high school? To blatantly try to discredit a man like Mr. Moritz who has spend the majority of his life helping other people and has done so successfully is beyond any explanation.

    Young man, get your life together and actually try to do something worthwhile. This whole blog makes you look like a very “kaputt” boy.

  112. The arrogance of these clowns… to think that they know better than good, established medicine and science. What, if you wish it away, the cancer goes away? I have to pity anyone that falls for that crap, for I know very well what happens with that line of reasoning – why search out legitimate help, when you can help yourself?

    These morons don’t talk about the tragedy that follows.

  113. Moritz is quite simply EVIL.

    That’s a perfectly apt way of describing a vulture who preys on cancer patients. Monsters like him should be locked away.

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  115. Sorry, sir, but emotional effects on the chemicals our bodies produce do not cause genetic cell mutations. They do, however, increase the likelihood that these mutated will not be disposed of properly by our bodies by our various immune systems. Only certain types of cell mutations can even lead to cancers, as the mutation has to be one that keeps the cell from committing apoptosis itself.

    Of course cancers are caused by a variety of environmental factors – chemical carcinogens, which damage the genetic material. Some people’s genetics make them more likely, for a variety of reasons, to allow cancers to grow. And of course if your emotional well-being is low, this is another factor which affects immunoresponse, which can contribute to the allowance of cancer growth or a slower recovery.

    However, negative emotions do not cause cell mutation, and do not cause cancer.

    Now, if you have helped a lot of people gain some positive emotional state, and have helped them towards a proper nutrition, that is fine. But to make claims that proven cancer treatments, and proven causes of cancer are incorrect, is simply wrong. If you cause someone to forgo life-saving treatment and to rely entirely on your system of belief, you are wrong.

    Believe me, I don’t always agree with medicine as practiced by some doctors, nor do I always agree with the pharmaceutical industry, but it certainly doesn’t mean I’ll forgo reality-based treatments and follow you and the other naturopaths, homeopaths, or whatever you may style yourself in particular. Yes, I’ve met some rather emotionally unhelpful doctors who could be less curt , but by and large, extended emotional support is not their job. You seek another professional, friends, family, whomever for that. While you get the medical help you need.

  116. What I find interesting here is that the majority of the Moritz supporters, while happy to point out the emotional content of Michael’s posts, have nothing but emotional content in their own. Michael, while annoyed at the rather dangerous folks who promote ridiculous “remedies” which can cost people their heath rather than help them, provides facts and a reasoned argument. Moritz misrepresents facts, and shifts goalposts. His supporters offer no facts at all.

    Saying, “He helped me” doesn’t count: Provide documentation. And for all anyone here can tell, half of them are sock puppets. I don’t say that to demean actual individuals believing in Moritz, rightly or wrongly. If you are a real individual with your own opinion who came here of your own accord, the term doesn’t apply. But you have to come up with something better than. “Michael is just being mean.”

    And as to the complaints that Michael hasn’t read all Moritz’s work, well, you haven’t even read the the posts here.

  117. Jebus christ, my brain is melting from the whining about michaels justified anger.

    Cancer is not a fucking joke, AIDS is not a fucking joke.

    It doesn’t matter if he sounds angry, what matters is that he backs his claims up with evidence. Moritz does not, but I guess it more important that he sounds nice, and pads you on the head.


    you sound like the kind of girl that would rather give money to feel good, than to get better.

    How much money would you give if I called you a darling? Got cancer or AIDS? don’t worry, all you need is a hug. Don’t very about evidence, I’ll talk nice and smile at you.

    What the fuck is wrong with you people…

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  119. Didn’t read all the bullwoo, or I think the ‘boiling acid’ in my stomach would’ve made me explode.

    As an ex-nurse, who has cared for countless cancer patients, their partners, children, families and friends, I find it both loathesome and vile to, basically, blame the sufferer for their illness.

    To actively make a financial windfall from the fear, suffering and desperation of such individuals, makes Moritz et al, in my humble opinion, an utterly contemptible, pondscum-sucking non-human.

    I also worked on one of the first HIV/AIDS wards set up here in Oz, when the ignorance, fear and death toll were at their height. It is, sadly, indeed a disease, and a terrible one. To have creatures like this “medical intuitive” spouting rubbish, as well as those like the Pope saying condoms increase the incident of viral spread – I could almost wish they caught it themselves.


    In fact, it is so horrible, I can’t bring myself to wish it on even these souless profiteers.
    My heart goes out to all those living with cancer, HIV/AIDS and other terminal illnesses. Please, I beg you, don’t be fooled by those who only wish to make money from you in your time of fear and doubt.

    EDIT: The formatting (but not the content) of this post was changed to reflect the wishes of the poster below this.

  120. “I certainly don’t wish this for you.” Sure you do. That’s how shmucks like you make your living and you stated as much when you threatened to sue becuse it would affect your business. It is pure business isn’t it? Your affected “be well” is so transparently phony.

  121. Hey Michael,

    As a recovered magical-thinker and former footsoldier in the ranks of the “worried well”, I can say that I was never more stressed and fearful than when I was constantly scrutinizing myself for “negativity”. Is this safe? Is there benzene in this? Are there nitrites in my bacon? Was I taking the right supplements? Am I being angry and negative? Am I meditating enough? I would sit in yoga class seething with anger at the stench coming from the hippy next to me while trying to look placid doing the downward dog.

    And always, I was correcting people’s negative attitudes. Tutting over their choice of food or drink. Like everyone else in my spiritual circle, I had become a total pain-in-the-ass.

    Most of Moritz’s supporters sound just like I used to, commenting on your “anger” and “negativity” and clutching their pearls (or magic stones).

    Mockery and humor are the only weapons that work against Moritz and his ilk. Trust me, under their enlightened lavender auras, is the gnawing fear that their magical fairy world is fake.

  122. If there were any justice in the world, scammers like Moritz would be compelled to prove their stuff works in rigorously controlled double blind clinical trials before selling it.
    But, if you go to his website you’ll see the quack miranda warning. “this product is not intended to heal,treat diagnose or cure any disease or illness and this website is strictly for informational and entertainment purposes. ”
    I haven’t looked but I’ll bet it’s there.

  123. What is this non-sense about Cancer only affecting humans, stressed humans even.

    Two words for AM and his minions: Veterinary Oncology.

  124. The world is full of retards, and Moritz is just another one. It is quite clear he has invented everything he says, TO MAKE MONEY. For fucks sake people, wake up.

  125. Michael, I congratulate you on gathering such an impressive collection of lunatics in one thread.

    If someone truthfully could cure a massive range of ills with salts and (snake) oil, they would be lavished with international recognition, awards (humanitarian, financial & honorary), tenure for life in any academic setting of their choosing, book deals, and lasting respect. They would transform medicine and literally be the saviour of mankind. The whole world would laud them well beyond their own lifetime.

    That’s if they could cure anything at all. Instead the likes of Moritz look more like quacks hawking bogus cures to woo woos.

    The whole situation is actually repugnant. How low does someone have to sink to sell quack treatments and discourage someone from a conventional treatment to someone who may actually be dying?

  126. Hello folks – nice to see a big collection of woo-woo pushers here.

    I’ll up your ‘my wife got better from ginger’ etc with ‘my little boy aged 21 months was cured of Juvenile Myelo Monocitic Leukaemia at Great Ormond St Hospital in 2003 through a treatment of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant’.

    I will also tell you the tragic story of the Australian lady who believed the woo woo and took her daughter with the same condition to a special woo woo clinic in Switzerland. Strangely the berries and herbs didn’t work. The child promptly died.

    I’d reject any suggestion that my little boy was stressed or suffered from negativity. He wasn’t and didn’t. He just had the misfortune to have the meeting of a genetic predisposition and a childhood virus which triggered the leukaemia. Probably. That’s the best guess by the scientists. But at least they admit it’s the best theory – and would amend their view in the light of evidence (Good concept that: evidence!). And they used tested and tried treatments to achieve cure.

    As opposed to killing people because it makes you rich. Which is what the advice of the woo-woo charlatans does in the worst cases.

  127. Man, the woo lovers came out in droves for your post. Mortiz is an utter moron. I don’t see how you could think HIV isn’t contagious or a disease and think that way.

    And to all you people who hat ‘big pharma’ – think about what you are saying. Yes, they have alot of money and they *gasp* charge for the medicine they manufacture! Big friggin deal! They spend millions – probably billions – on testing and developing these medicines, trying to find something that is both effective and safe (yes, I know sometimes they don’t always work as or are safe as planned, but to think that is intentional is just plain wrong – if that happens it generally costs them money, so it is in their best interest to make them safe and effective).

    In contrast, your Mortiz idiot comes up with his ideas or takes them from elsewhere, probably does little (most likely no professional) testing; and then tries to make a buck of them.

    So you could try medicines that cost money and have been through exhaustive testing, shown by clinical trials to be effective; or you could try treatments and cures that also cost money but haven’t gone trough rigorous testing to determine if they are effective (do what they say they do) and safe (I’ve seen ‘woo’ books that are more expensive than my co-pay and the cost of my antibiotics combined)

    Which would you choose?

  128. Not even credible, even. If he saw 10 cancer patients (Latin=”sufferers”) per day (i’m estimating, assuming he sees others also), 50 weeks per year, he would have to do this non-stop for 20 years. Of course, for this kind of medicine he could easily do group sessions — better ROI.

  129. Sorry about the math: 8000/10*5*50=3.2 years, which is possible if he saw 2500 different patients per year. I still call BS on that claim. I know a couple of oncologists. They only have a few critical patients, and a few more non-critical, and consults, etc., and each treatment regimen always takes more than one visit. My minor skin cancer removal took four.

  130. F you, buddy. You just said my dead mother lacked self-worth – you blamed her for her own death. Go to hell, you quack.

  131. Andreas, this can’t be stressed enough: Reading your book is not “research.” You are mischaracterizing what you’re asking people to do. You’re asking them to give you money for your piece of trash book. Whether they read it or not, it’s not “research.”

    Let’s not pretend we’re all scientists here, mkay? You’re not.

  132. Tally,

    1) Moritz has wordpress remove Michael’s blog.

    2) Moritz threatens Michael with a lawsuit.

    So who is threatening here? Who is acting like “Big Pharma”?


  133. Michael, how dare you show emotions such as anger when all sweet innocent Andreas is doing is targeting the most vulnerable to line his deserving pockets. He can provide ROCKS for goodness sake, whereas all you distribute is truth, truth? I can find that anywhere, rocks however do not grow on trees. So what if Andreas shortens the lifespan of a loving mother and deprives a family of it’s newest child?, his webshite carries a clear disclaimer stating that he is under no obligation to provide anything of worth or any verifiable facts whatsoever, how dare you question this purveyor of hope to the hopeless?

  134. From the Mowretz site;

    “…The author is not intending to provide any medical advice or offer a substitute thereof, and makes no warranty whatsoever, whether expressed or implied, with respect to any product, device or therapy.”

    Yep my doctor has a sign in his office that sez the same thing.

  135. Yes that whole “do no harm” oath that so called “real doctors” take just muffles the positive energies that flow from the terminally ill wallet to the good Intuitive’s bank account

  136. Calling an egg an egg is hardly a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of some ability to perceive things as they really are (a rare ability perhaps).

  137. It’s his blog, if you don’t like what he is writing then leave asshat.

    Warning others of quacks is a public service, Michael Hawkins reminds me of James Randi.

    Well done Michael.

  138. Mr. Moritz your lack of understanding of medical science is staggering.

    I’m a fan of people getting information out and discussing ideas so we as a community can come to an understanding that is accurate. What I don’t support are fools that create controversy in areas established, especially when that controversy puts people in harms.

    You are guilty not only of the latter but also of stomping upon the former when it shows the danger presented by yourself and others who share your ignorance.

  139. There is no difference with your patronizing response than if you said, I will pray for you. Your sliminess does not work with us. We see you for what you are–a quack making money from people’s pain and misery.

    As for emotions, you know nothing. They motivate us to act, and act we will. Harnessing our anger, we will continue to criticize the dickens out of you slim balls and not fall for your spiel of niceness. Just like a creationist, you think style is more important than substance and evidence. You have no substance, just a smarmy manner.

    Your trickery does not work with us because we are equipped with baloney detection kits; we see through your slick facade, and what we see is disgusting which will fuel our focus to criticize your crapola each and every time we can.

  140. This prime quack’s quote mining Selye shows what a heap of disgusting slime he is. Just because we do not abuse the findings of Selye (how about eutress, moron?), he thinks we do not know about them.

  141. What’s the matter, Marco, substance stings? You want a little of the smary balm that the prime quack peddles? So you can be greased all over with your fuzzy feel good quackery?

  142. What’s the matter, Marco baby, run out of that smarmy balm that the prime quack peddles? Run out and waste your money and get some, so you can keep on being taken for a fool.

  143. Confusing ain’t it. The prime quack apparently does not really mean it when he blathers, be well, to Michael, otherwise he would not cause him such stress, now would he?

  144. Tom,

    Fuck you, you giant bag of dicks. You don’t have any right to not be offended by me. If such a right existed, everyone in the world who is offended by medical quackery could sue Moritz in one giant class-action lawsuit. But they can’t, on account of how stupid you are.

  145. Michael, like Orac, like Ben Goldacre, like Steven Novella (all real medical doctors) and Simon Singh the journalist, you are a hero for our times.

  146. There is not a root to all illness. That is a lie which the quacks peddle and for which you fell. Your ignorance about healing and maintaining health remains.

  147. How about you open your mind, and find out what a horrible horrible person you are? Really you are a quack, and nothing but a quack. A dangerous freaking quack who is profiting off of getting people to refuse treatment that can actually help them. If you ask me you never grew out of the fanatical know-it-all stage.

    Those people’s blood is on your hands you QUACK.

  148. Ooooh! 260 pages of your tripe versus years and years of medical evidence. Really, I wonder what is more convincing…

  149. And an impoverished one at that. How much did all that unnecessary ‘treatment’ cost? What no eustress in your life? You know the aspect that the prime quack’s keeps pushing, the great wisdom of Selye? You better collect some eustress fast! You don’t want to go against what the quack recommends now do you?

    It is heartbreaking to read what John wrote, just sickening what a creep Moritz is and quacks like him! Robbed and kept ignorant with no tools to prevent illness and to keep well. Just shocking and heartrending.

  150. Change your doctor, he sounds like a poor one, but don’t abandon science based medicine just because you went to a mediocre practitioner.

  151. sabi, evidence counts. It is how we know what is effective. Wishful thinking and lack of discerning thought does not cut it when human lives are at stake.

  152. Cut out the patronizing, Henry. It is disgusting. And read up some cognitive neuroscience, about how the whole palette of emotions are important for us humans, they motivate us to act otherwise we would stay in bed and never get up.

    We want substance not a ‘nice’ facade. Moritz gives only the latter.

  153. Their ignorance on the important role the full range of emotions play for us is astounding. And they will be kept ignorant because Moritz and quacks like him think incorrectly some emotions are good and some are bad. They are all important.

  154. Yeah, these quacks are simpletons. They love to push the idea that all symptoms stem from one cause as if that is some original insight.

  155. Science based medicine embraces the aspects that alternative medicine says it does not, like nutrition, like exercise, like positive thinking. The stuff that works is medicine.

  156. I know, the use of ellipsis is hilarious. Maybe Jennifer needs to slow her breathing and count her breaths?

  157. oh goodness, google saponification. And the next time you do a cleanse, poke those stones, they are soft, they aren’t stones!

  158. You are the one that is sleeping. Cancer treatment is improving and more and more lives are being saved by science based medicine.

  159. I wonder if Kathy Perrin will one day have the humility and good grace to acknowledge that her gullibility held way more harm than an useless liver cleanse?

  160. People who accept evidence have empty cups. We wait carefully and painstakingly before we fill ours up with real knowledge. You are the ones whose cups are filled with opinions, subjectivity, and feel good wishy washness. They are overflowing with crapola.

  161. We are not going to solve anything unless we have a method that works. And that is science. All the wonderful stuff we enjoy is because of science.

  162. Oh, what mush. You don’t seem to have a discerning, discriminating bone in your body. And you know what, you really don’t have to because hard working scientists are dragging you on their backs your whole life.

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  164. You should be sued for every penny you’ve earned from the survivors of those who died needlessly to your arrogant con. You’re not even a quack, you’re just a cheap con-man.

  165. So how much of your ideas about cancer and AIDS are based on what Merlin told you?

    I’m just trying to understand here.

  166. So how mush of this information is coming from King Arthur’s advisor?

    Just tracking the source.

  167. He is not on an equal footing with creationists!
    They talk to god, he talks to Merlin.

    Totally Different.

    From Mr. Morizt’s site. “…given to me by the higher dimensional being Merlin.

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  169. I now need an antacid after reading the squeamishness-inducing woo-woo bullshit from all the Moritz supporters.

    Seriously, people, this is REALITY, not a fantasy book. Magic and magical thinking doesn’t fix shit. Science does.

  170. In order to indulge in such dangerous fraudulent but profitable crimes, such as pretending that ordinary rocks can cure cancer, requires that you have you undergo a full conscience-ectomy.

  171. This *HAS* to be a Poe, right?
    No-one could possibly be this sodding dim and be able to breathe without being reminded, let alone type on a keyboard.

  172. Moritz is a danger to anyone ignorant enough to fall for his dangerous scams.
    People die unneccesarily as a direct result of delaying seeking real health care for non-trivial diseases.
    Quacks like this kill people, after robbing them and their families blind.

    Some of us think that this is a “bad thing”.
    Perhaps you don’t?

  173. “I believe Andreas point of vue will be the common view in 5-10 years.”

    Sadly, you might be correct.
    We need to counter these frauds right now to make sure that such a disaster does not come to pass.

  174. This has to be the best response so far!
    So full of science-based medicine, replete with references, and not a single logical fallacy.

  175. Oh contaire!
    Magic fixes a quack’s bank balance.
    Homeopathy cures both a very mild thirst, as well as the overstuffed wallet syndrome.
    Moritz and his ilk cure that pesky condition called life.

  176. Hey,

    Might want to keep with the facts rather than inventing alternative realities in which “the war on cancer hasn’t worked”. Science-based medicine and careful cancer research over the last several decades has resulted in significant progress on the mortality rates for the vast majority of cancers. It hasn’t been overnight “victory” like many quacks seem to seek, but steady, significant and incremental progress over the last several decades.


    On the other hand, non-science based quackery like Montiz’s crap has neither saved one life nor contributed one iota to the discourse on cancer research. He has merely provided quackery (likely causing the delay of legitimate treatment) to desperate cancer victims with more money than sense.

  177. Might want to keep with the facts rather than inventing alternative realities in which “the war on cancer hasn’t worked”. Science-based medicine and careful cancer research over the last several decades has resulted in significant progress on the mortality rates for the vast majority of cancers. It hasn’t been overnight “victory” like many quacks seem to seek, but steady, significant and incremental progress over the last several decades.


    On the other hand, non-science based quackery like Montiz’s crap has neither saved one life nor contributed one iota to the discourse on cancer research. He has merely provided quackery (likely causing the delay of legitimate treatment) to desperate cancer victims with more money than sense.

    Additionally, as a historical note, those that claimed the earth was flat were not “scientists” in any modern sense of the word. Because of the lack of a scientific process, ancients merely took the idea the world was flat from basic intuition. There was no “scientific evidence”, as the ancients formed and accepted worldviews based on intuition/the supernatural. It also was a theory in later religious doctrines (bible mentions a flat world with water as the sky). Lucky for all of us, the self-correcting process of evidence called science was able to over-turn the widely held worldview. If anything, folks like Moritz and yourself are far more like “flat-earthers” (anecdotal evidence, appeals to “nature” and ability to ignore evidence if it doesn’t conform to one’s ideological worldview).

  178. Under what law, jackass? It is unreal that we have these alt-med troglodytes that parade as attorneys.

    Libel/Slander is a civil matter between two parities. The state, unless we are talking about a third world country, does not step in with the criminal process to settle the personal vendettas of quacks.

    BTW, I have no idea where you got that statue. But the statue is not in anyway referring to “offending” speech. Rather the statue refers death/bodily harm threats- not relevant at all to this completely factual post.

  179. Nice socketpuppet, Andy. I know that Alt-med creditability seems to revolve around these Nigerian-spamesque personal “testimonials”, but that doesn’t work for people that have a IQ above 80.

  180. Dude, michelle, the guy is named “alien” for fuck’s sake. He is likely posting from his motor home somewhere in Rosewell.

  181. A undergrad degree is still better than any academic accomplishment than Mr. Moritz has been able to accomplish. The guy likes to play doctor but has no medical degree.

    Read it:

    Actually, I’d say that, if Mr. Moritz is really treating cancer patients according to the principles he espouses in his two articles on cancer on his website, then it is he who deserves criminal prosecution. Where’s the South Carolina medical board when you need it? Or where’s its attorney general, given that Moritz appears to be practicing medicine without a license? After all, I don’t see any medical degree, medical license, or even a naturopathic medical license listed anywhere on his website. All that is there is a description of Moritz as a “medical intuitive; a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu, and vibrational medicine; a writer; and an artist.”

  182. I bought Andreas’ book and rather liked it. I since bought 2 more of his books. I think he knows what he’s talking about. I would like it to be made public that I am an Andreas sympathiser and loyalist

  183. “Like so many kids my age when I was growing up, I used to believe in these fantastic tales, but had no idea that one day I would become a wizard myself.”
    – Andreas Moritz

    In light of the fact that he wrote this on his own website, is it libel or slander to say this man is bat-shit crazy?

    Must I say this man SEEMS batshit crazy to protect myself from a lawsuit?

  184. Oops, my comment below should have been in reply to this, as the quote is taken from your link!

    “Like so many kids my age when I was growing up, I used to believe in these fantastic tales, but had no idea that one day I would become a wizard myself.”
    – Andreas Moritz

    In light of the fact that he wrote this on his own website, is it libel or slander to say this man is bat-shit crazy?

    Must I say this man SEEMS batshit crazy to protect myself from a lawsuit?

  185. Well – don’t worry. Many people have some secret perversion. Usually they keep quiet about them though.

    Is there anything to be proud of about being a sympathiser and loyalist to someone who appears to be an anti-science charlatan? Strange confession.

  186. He charges $350 to speak his special Merlin given words to you – and cure you by their higher level vibration (“letters of the ancient language vibrate at a much higher level than our modern languages”).

    That’s nice then. He’s very fortunate that this works down a telephone too!

    How can anyone who is stupid enough to believe this quackery actually have managed to earn the $350 it costs?

  187. The point is a sharp stick shoved straight through your eye into your brain. You’ll never know the difference, and neither will we.

  188. To all you poor deluded saps who have been “helped” by Moritz and his type- one thousand anecdotes do not equal data. If you want anyone to take you seriously, you’d better come up with some peer-reviewed, published, and replicatable evidence. And for your information, there is no alternative or traditional medicine. The choice is between evidence-based medicine and bullshit. And of course we are angry. We see you morons cluttering up our schools, our airwaves, our bookstores, and our internets with your pathetic, weak-brained attempts to gain parity for your hucksters and charlatans. Just go back to Atlantis. And Michael? Keep up the good work, my friend. Way to light a fire!

  189. I wonder if my cancer story will help. My wife got breast cancer. She went to an actual oncologist. She had two minor surgeries and some chemo treatments. She was cured, and has remained cancer-free for 10 years. Her perfectly normal levels of stress and guilt have never changed. Moritz is a fraud, a quack, and I’m not all convinced of your testimonial.

  190. Why bother posting at all? What a simpering, mincing, weasel-like post. If you HAVE something to say, say it, and prepare for the mockery. Otherwise don’t bore us.

  191. Isn’t it funny how people always think someone knows what he is talking about only when all that he says confirms your own deeply-held pin-headed ideas? I say again, anecdotes are not evidence!

  192. Check the bloggers rights on @EFF Electronic Freedom Foundation. They often take on cases of censorship of free speech.

    See also @EFF the protections for internet providers “Section 230″ . I am not sure of the interpretation of the law, but I think that because the WordPress provider asked for an edit of the information, that this may mean that they are NOW open to claims of libel for the content since they took an active role in creating the content. Perhaps that is why WordPress took down the posting.

    I sent an email to WordPress with the above information. They may need it for their own defense if Andreas Moritz decides to sue them.

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  195. michael hawkins is a pea-brained idiot. Moritz should stop talking to him and the other posters who are trying to draw him in to their obnoxious game. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone paid this guy to do it. The health information Mr. Moritz presents in all of his books is comprehensive, exhaustively researched and proven effective. What I am saying on this blog is pointless for the most part though, because Hawkins and the other negative posters (who are all probably the same guy!!),are all acting like little children with their fingers in their ears. Their numbed-out brains are looking for a fight because they don’t look within. So sad. But Mr. Moritz would do well to not play in to this fear-filled folly.

  196. I contracted a so called terminal disease several years ago and quickly found out that medical establishment is nothing more than pawn scum for big pharma. They have zero understanding of how the body works. (period) It’s a multi billion dollar industry thats killing far far more than its curing.

    So I started into the jungle of alternative health which believe me is full of snares and traps and charlatans. I spent hundreds of hours in research almost like a quest to find God or the holy grail, as my very life depended upon it.

    So from all that research I have a list of the top people in the field of natural healing, who have the greatest understanding of the true nature of healing and how are body’s really work.

    #1 David Jubb
    #2 Andreas Moritz
    #3 Gabriel Cousins
    #4 Dr Richard Anderson
    #5 Daniel Reid.

    There’s a few more I can mention but you’ll get the idea if you read and study the books written by these authors/ investigators, and as most of you will or already know someone who has contracted one of these illnesses, I’d highly recommend following the instruction giving therein by one of the names above.

    As far as this guy Michael Hawkins, I have no time to read any of your ramblings, your obviously a tool of high degree and if everyone just ignores him he’ll go away. He’s an attention junkie.

    I have read 3 books by Andreas and believe him to be very kind and compassionate and very well educated and versed in many true healing modalities.

    What is the saying. “never argue with an idiot, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”

    Michael, cease and desist, before the hot coals of your karma descend upon your head!

  197. “As far as this guy Michael Hawkins, I have no time to read any of your ramblings, your obviously a tool of high degree and if everyone just ignores him he’ll go away. He’s an attention junkie.”

    I find these kind of posts highly amusing, and depressing.

    PRESENT FACTS, when it’s your personal sadstory#23455 it’s just embarrassing

  198. “Michael, cease and desist, before the hot coals of your karma descend upon your head!”


    OH, that was great!!!

    Yeah, he’s a tool of high degree alright–a lot higher than any of you other nutjob tools!!! We’re all tools, some of us are just more effective at getting the job done than others. 🙂

    Oh, and I love how all the quack-supporters are saying all the Michael-supporting posts are by Michael himself. Classic case of denial, in hopes of persuading sad self that there can’t REALLY be that many people against them. Wake up and smell the coffee!!! These quacks are KILLING people. Study the facts and statistics. You may be the exception to the case, but that does not negate the overall majority results.

  199. mr. moritz’s research is at best, exaustive. Proven, no! Peer reviewed beyond collaberative efforts, no! If moritz wants to end this “game” as you may call it, than he should attend medical school, gain actual credebility so that way if his practices are found to be dangerous in the future, he may be publicly reprimanded. Such is the road for anyone who understands personal responsibilty. Also, don’t kid yourself thinking Mike H. could give so many different responses. He’s but one man, and you my “friend” are in error refering to him as pea-brained. Also, if it weren’t for Mr. moritz’s own action to trouble M.H. with threats of litigation, this “game” would not have begun.

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  201. I own a couple of Andreas books and I love them all! I used to have allergy for about 15 years and I tried a lot of different detoxes before..nothing really helped . It was getting worse until last year it sky rocket and I ‘ve had skin rush or hives or something all over my body. I felt really really bad, it was very itchy, I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t do anything and I ‘ve had it for almost 2 months. Then it was somehow ok and after my lunch “out” it was back. My doctor said he never saw anything like it before and I spent about $2000 just for lab work + about $500 for dermatology test ….with not improvement
    I finely begun with “Miracle Cleanses”and it really helped me a lot! I did almost 10 cleanses so far and I’ll continue until my body is clean. It takes time and it is not easy because I am also watching my food between the ” cleanses” as I don’t want to put these “bad things” like MSG, artificial coloring….back into my body….so it is challenging but I feel much much better and I continue to feel better if I follow the recommendation from Andreas book’s.
    I am sooo glad that I found Andreas. I love his work and I read his books over and over again!!
    Thank you Andreas!!!

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  204. “…proven effective…”

    These words – I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

    Remember this from his website:

    “…The author is not intending to provide any medical advice or offer a substitute thereof, and makes no warranty whatsoever, whether expressed or implied, with respect to any product, device or therapy.”

    Read that with me: the author is NOT intending to provide ANY medical advice.

    Anyone who claims to have The Truth about health but then sells it instead of just healing people is a charlatan. Caveat emptor.

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  206. Hey Andreas! If you had discovered the cure against cancer, don’t you think you’d have a Nobel prize by now? But you haven’t because… you’re a QUACK!

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  208. Well well, its looks like we’ve found all the sunscreen loving kiddies in one places. Be sure to keep indoors this spring and summer, we wouldn’t want you to get any nasty little skin problems from the big bad sun. Besides, you might fall off the edge of the flat earth if you venture too far from your blogsphere.

  209. To all those supporting this dangerous quack, you wonder why Moritz’s critics sound so angry. Well I can tell you why this critic of Moritz is so angry. It’s because if my mother had listened to his snake oil pitch when she had breast cancer, SHE WOULD BE DEAD NOW! Without her lumpectomy and radiation treatment she would be dead, and the world would loose a wonderful person. Moritz claiming that cancer is your body’s defense mechanism against “toxins”, or that HIV doesn’t lead to AIDS and is not that infectious, unless your a homosexual (that’s from Moritz himself), is either misleading people out of his ignorance, for profit, or knowingly misleading people, for profit. It’s charlatanism, pure and simple. The science is not on his side, and if you think it is, I suggest you read some ACTUAL scientific research. If your whole argument against Michael Hawkins is that he sounds like a meanie, you obviously have no evidence and you need to grow up. I am very angry with people like Andreas “NOT A DOCTOR” Moritz because not everyone is as intelligent as my mother, and might be fooled into thinking that they just need to have more “happy thoughts” and end up DEAD because of it. Thankfully she didn’t fall for that kind of B.S. or I would have to be burying my mother. Therefore, I will sound angry, since I don’t like being dishonest. Oh, and to all you who were “CURED” by the “Liver and gallbladder cleanse”, read this piece by an ACTUAL DOCTOR:

    So in closing, you woo heads have offered no evidence and CANNOT offer any evidence because you don’t practice science. You maintain we bad ol’ skeptics are meanie poopy heads who have no reason to be mad at woo peddlers like Moritz, even though he and others like him give medical advice contradictory to real medical science which can endanger peoples lives. I’m sorry (well… not really) but as long as you attack every aspect of the Enlightenment values which have provided you all the advances and protections you take for granted, we will be angry and we WILL challenge your false assertions. Most will not be as polite as myself, and that is their right and the are fully justified.

    No Gods, No Masters

  210. Umm errrr, getting abit emotional here. What about the countless Billions make from big Pharma who peddle just as much non effective poison as they do effective medication.

  211. Firstly Jim its fantastic that your son was cured at Greater Ormond Street,early detection was most probably the greatest factor for that.
    Check out some stats from The Royal Marsden and that will give you a reality check. I’ve worked in the place and the wards are reminescent of concentration camp dorms. If thats science then science needs to find a bit of compassion to mix in with the poisonious cocktails you will be fed in the hope of a cure.
    I had a friend pay these apparent cancer experts more than a million pounds to watch the so called oncology experts slowly poison his wife to death and there are many morte victims lying in the wards of that place right now who will suffer the same fate. Personally I believe its a shame that Hitlers bombadiers couldn’t hacve taken better aim when they raided London, filthy bug infested hole whose doctors car park is filled with all manner of Porsch’s and other expensive sports cars, and staffed by arrogant oncologists.
    So while there may be a fair bit of quackery on the side of the so called complimentary practitioners, the so called medical professionals who still can’t even cure the common cold are not much better and they charge a hell of a lot more. Bottom line with cancer, get it early and you have a good chance. Cancer beyond stage 2 really means you are in the hands of god, if there is one. No science, juju juice, chemotherapy, radiation, vitamin c, omming, bowing to the sun, Ozone treatment, hyperthermia, or vegetarianism is going to fix you up. And as for the woo woo clinics in Switzerland, don’t forget that like Germany there are some great medical clinics staffed by medical doctors such as clinique Genolier in Nyon, and the Cecil Clinic in Lausanne that have a much better cure rate than hospitals in the US and the UK ever will, weird thing is that they take the patients emotional comfort into account and are at least prepared to allow non invasive allied treatments into the standard clinical protocols. I live in Australia and I can tell you if I ever got diagnosed with any cancer I would head for a Swiss or German medical hospital. There is a huge amount of quackery out there.
    How many HIV patients did western medicine kill by feeding them AZT and smashing their immune systems to nil. All those early pictures of emancipated AIDS patients actually came to look that way and died because of AZT side effects not because of AIDS itself which HIV is simply a pre cursor to.
    There is no cure for this scourge of cancer and no amount of so called scientific research is going to find it, hell a few trillion wasted so far prooves that hands down

  212. I am a Certified Health Counselor, graduated from Columbia University – Teachers College, NYC and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, Professional Training and Certification Program.
    I have read many of Andreas Moritz’s books and work very closely with his AMAZING book “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation”. For me he is one of the TOP LEADING PROFETIONALD HEALERS in the world that I totally trust. I have consulted with him over the last two years and always feel his counseling hits the nail straight on the head. We are so lucky in this crazy world of ours to have someone like him. Whenever I have an ill client that I don’t have the tools to help I either consult with Andreas or go to his books or give the person Andreas’s info. I am so sorry he took the time off from counseling now, but on the other hand can’t wait to read the books he is writing.
    Honestly, the guy totally knows what he is talking about!!!!!
    Wake up people!!!

  213. Your comment: This is amazing. Does Moritz realize that 30% of all cancer deaths are due to smoking (or inhaling second hand smoke)?

    Michael, you must be smoking something yourself. Plenty of cultures have people who have smoked throughout their lives without ill effect. In industrialized society most tabacco and the papers used contain carcinogens, so in effect people who smoke in the US for instance are smoking toxins not found in regular tobacco.

    That said, all your harping on Moritz ignores who has spent billions upon billions NOT solving a problem. It’s about high time that the toxic waste dump that industry has made of our food supply be looked at as the prime source for our degenerative health. If you think that’s foolish, then look at the fool in the mirror.

    Why should I listen to something that is “scientific” yet solves nothing and causes people even more misery in so-called “treatments”.

    Right now it’s a net sum zero game, no cancer problem has been solved by technology. So prattle on all you want citing this and that statistic or the latest in gene therapy, nothing has been solved and for all the insistence by the medical industry that strides have been made, there’s nothing to show.

    So Moritz can just as easily discuss his approaches and solutions to a problem that as of yet has not been solved by billions and decades of research and human guinea pigs. You know nothing.

  214. …has resulted in significant progress on the mortality rates for the vast majority of cancers…..

    This is pure hyperbole and BS. If a person died of cancer “X” 6 months after diagnosis in 1970 and now 40 years later they die in 12 months thats a 100% decrease in the mortality rate.

    Now you can say with pride “significant progress” just exactly what statistics can do if skewed.

    Reductions in breast cancer are attributed to reduction in HRT therapy, something “modern” medicine thought up and now well gee they denounce. Yeah brilliant science.

    Colorectal cancer screening saves lives because it detects cancer at early stages. Wow , science is truly amazing. Let’s see we stick a camera up your butt, brilliant!

    If you think these things are scientific and worthy of the claim of significant progress then yeah I can see where you’re clueless.

    I haven’t seen any data that suggests death rates from cancer on a national scale are decreasing by a significant amount.


    The cancer death rate, now about 200 deaths a year per 100,000 people of all ages and 1,000 deaths per 100,000 people over age 65 — is nearly the same now as it was in 1950, dropping only 5 percent.

    So instead of name-calling and excessive hyperbole maybe you should check the facts. Now you know, dimwit’s.

  215. Hi,
    To all of you genuinely interested in finding a cure for cancer I would refer you to the work of Tullio Simoncini , an Italian oncologist . Having myself studied nutritional therapy for many years, and the links between cancer and candida, I believe this guy is totally correct – it is well worth watching these 3 videos, as per link below
    Wishing you all well

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  220. Toxic build up IS the root cause of cancer. Physical & emotional toxic build up. Why? Because our body is made up of mostly water, water is the wiring between our cells, our cells need pure crystal-shaped water molecules to communicate with each other correctly, to allow the genes to build new cells correctly, water molecules can be instantly changed by human thought (“i love you” creates a 6 sided crystal-shaped water molecule, “i hate you” creates a deformed water molecule blob), other toxins in the body (and radiation) can distort & block communication between cells, and cells deform to create cancer. Sure, genes are required to create new cells and those new cells can become cancer cells, but it’s not all about the gene, it’s about the purity of water in your body.

    Moritz isn’t a crack pot, you’re just confused because medical science isn’t perfect. It’s no where near anything close to going in the right direction to becoming perfect (mostly because of the FDA and pharmaceutical companies).

  221. Mr. Entingh, your asshole must be throbbing like a disco, from pulling all that garbage out of it. you must have used both hands, so my question is, are you goatse?

  222. My God you are an obnoxious person Trog, your name suits you. If you are involved in medicine you shouldn’t be. No wonder people are turning away in droves with an attitude like yours.
    Come on fire some of your usual abuse back. Maybe Andreas whoever is a quack, maybe he is dangerous. I to would be wary of anybody who offers rocks and crystals to cure anything, but there must be some people he helped even it was only emotional help.
    I bet you could count your friend on less than half of one hand, and when it comes to pleasantry you have less than 1000th of a brain. Back Off with your foul abuse

  223. Oh, no doubt about it, I’m extremely obnoxious. Asshole is my middle name. But for all my faults, posting nonsense that has no evidence behind it isn’t one of them.


  224. I bet you could count your friend on less than half of one hand, and when it comes to pleasantry you have less than 1000th of a brain. Back Off with your foul abuse

    With friends like you, who needs enemas? Back off with your foul patently false “water molecule” theory. Or, better yet, come on back with some evidence to support your nonsense.

  225. Before I started reading this article I was all for the mainstream science. After reading through the comments though, it soon became apparent that those attacking Andreas are clearly psychologically distrubed. Seriously guys your hatred is obvious testimony to your mental disturbance. I don’t know about Andreas Moritz, but at least now am interested to learn and make up my own mind. Ultimately the attacks made not just on Moritz but others who support his ideas are not so much an attack on the issue of cancer as they are personal attacks on peoples own ideas. Who do you people think you are, to be so arrogant as to aim to put others down, only to make yourselves seem so right? This is also the definition of accute insecurity. If you think you are right then good for you, but theres no need to attack others, to reduce yourselves to the level of a frightened caged animal.

  226. I just found it funny that people who support Michael mostly use foul and rude language that shows that they are far from intelligent. People who support Andreas they sound more down-to-earth. I never believe people who insult others. Galileo Galilei was tried by the Inquisition and heresy when he came up with the idea that Earth is at the centre of the universe.

  227. “but theres no need to attack others, to reduce yourselves to the level of a frightened caged animal”

    my sentiments exactly.

    I have tried almost everything that is proactive health seeking. Even a 100 % raw food diet. for the past 20+ years.

    However Andreas Moritz’s liver cleanse book has left me speechless. I am floored by Andreas’ simple perspective, and easy to understand language … and accuracy.

  228. Fan me with a blowtorch, the stupid is -thick- in here!

    “I used to believe in Science, but after seeing a dozen people use ANGRY WORDS to describe the quacks(s) who say “Vaccines Cause Cancer”, “Stress & depression cause teh AIDS”, “90% of diseases are CAUSED by stress.”, and even “Water forms differently-shaped crystals according to whether you like or hate it!”, I’m going to choose the quackery instead.”


    No really, are you PROUD of that, Dylanesque? Just reading this thread alone has made it patently clear which side is hewing to proper, evidence-based medical science, and which side is composed of mountebanks, charlatans, and outright liars.

    One side can demonstrate exactly how well their treatments work, with decades of studies and results that have been submitted for peer-review so we know exactly -how- it works, with every new treatment and product submitted to years of grueling tests to verify and assure safety and efficacy.

    The other side has … Dozens (Hundreds?) of books in the popular literature. Bizarre treatments that have been either not proven to work or proven not to work. Quote-mines and barely-related papers here and there, all submitted by REAL scientists and selectively quoted to leave out vital information by quacks without a single paper to their names. Celebrity testimonials and anecdotal evidence. Poisoning the well. Ad-hominem. Fear-mongering.

    I mean come on! He’s trying to suggest (Suggest hell, he said it flat-out!) that VACCINES are poisonous or cause cancer. VACCINES! And this so he can sell his books and colon cleanses to desperate people who are sick because the quacks frightened them away from REAL medicine? Do you have any idea how many millions of lives vaccines have saved, and what an incredibly safe and ‘natural’ treatment they really are?

    And you’re going to switch over to THEIR side, just because some of the people denouncing them might be -emotional- in their denunciation?

    Well, you have fun with that Dylan. Trust me, if that’s the kind of thinking you’re going to show, I -want- you on the other side!

    Anger or emotion is a perfectly natural and to-be-expected response to such calculated, selfish evil – But it’s the argument that makes a difference. In the case of the realists, it’s the science they’ve put up as a counter. On your side it’s… Tone trolling. How convenient of so many of you to be able to dismiss all of that peer-reviewed science just because you can’t handle sharp verbiage. All it takes is getting your drawers in a knot before anyone else, and you can ignore any argument you don’t like! Brilliant!

    But I want to thank everyone who’s commented so far in the thread. The only way to really get across how bad it is is to let you all speak your minds, then leave it up where everyone can read it themselves and see what each of the two sides really stand for.

  229. Ermine,

    You haven’t made any real point. All you have said is Western Medicine is RIGHT, and Nature is WRONG. 3.6+ Million years the human species has survived, and you site decades of (non controlled group) research in the favour of Western Medicine.

    I had the opportunity of meeting the wonderful Dr. Philp Incao MD when I lived in Denver CO. Our child was in his care, we did not vaccinate and got all the correct guidance from Dr. Incao. He never wrote any books, but is the most experienced person in the US with regards to NOT Vaccinating.

    I cannot help you make up your mind, nor can Andreas. You must make up your own mind, and then go ahead with your decision. Vaccinate your own kids to your hearts delight, and get all the shots that you qualify for too. Also volunteer for vaccine studies, so that these wonderful drug companies can test their products on you.

    Andreas Moritz’s message is not to convert the drug mongers like yourself, but gives a huge boost to those that have no faith in $$ based medicine. His message will reach it’s seeker, regardless of your -ve comments. Don’t ever believe he’s in it for the money. Does one expect the books for FREE?! Dr Incao is an MD, and can make all the money any MD can, however he practices his own laid back style. Ask your MD, or childs specialist over for a meal sometime, then ask your alternative practitioner the same. You’ll get your answer. Who’s in it for the money.

  230. How many posts must this happen on? Everyone thinks they are right. More likely, everyone is wrong!

    Do vaccines cause cancer? There are studies linking tap water to cancer. The only thing anyone can say for certain is that research causes cancer.

    Do vaccines prevent illnesses? Certainly, so does washing your hands and people covering their mouths and noses when they sneeze or cough. It ends up being a personal choice.

    Many commenters on this blog seem to abhor both personal choice and personal responsibility. Some probably think that everyone should be forcibly vaccinated to protect the rest of us. Same goes for rationing salt and who knows what else ‘for the greater good’.

    Its tyrannical to protect people from themselves. The establishment seldom has our best interests at heart. If this idiot thinks he has some evidence that vaccines cause toenails to fall out or cancer of the eyelashes, let him spew it.

    People gullible enough to follow crazy talk are cleansing the gene pool. Personally I get most inoculations, I stay away from ones like the flu because I believe them, for example swine flu, to be overblown risk-wise. It’s healthy to get sick every once in a while. 😀

    Its annoying to see people who I am almost certain consider themselves tolerant and open-minded spout off about how stupid or irrational others are. Live your life and let other people live theirs.

  231. Measles in the U.K. made a comeback in the early part of this past decade because the vaccination rate fell so low – near 50% in some parts. Had the number been 95%, it’s unlikely anyone would have died – and children did die – because the disease does not spread so easily to the non-vaccinated when it cannot infect everyone else.

    Anti-vaccine stances are harmful and sometimes fatal.

  232. A lot of people stances are harmful. That doesn’t mean they are not entitled to repeat their filth.

  233. Someone very close to me , Mickael , was a lot like you . He was actually a doctor, then turned to be a successful writer . He was brilliant and very angry . He had this blog in Mexico where he would constantly try to destroy other people’s work to fill up himself of importance. He wasn’t conscious of it, he had strong emotional problems . I was always telling him he should not put so much anger and ego to defend his opinions , that it should not be necessary to almost claim that way he was important and smarter , people would notice his brilliance by itself.
    Somehow his anger would put strong limits to everything else . Last year in august we were in a bookstore in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I discovered one of Andreas Morritz books and would sit during long moments to read it , very interested and convinced by my own experience , by my own very good health . I even felt I had to read to my friend about the chapters about cancer, anger … Maybe two weeks after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died five weeks after terribly mad . I completely believe we could have had avoid hospitals , fears and a lot of mental pain in the most luxurious five stars american hospital in Mexico city .It could have been easier , maybe we could have get more life but for that he should have become a nicer person and let go some of his stupid ego . I felt I almost died during the months that followed that , I had a udge life crisis and if I recovered it is only because I had long therapies and alternative treatments . I had to work on my feelings first .
    My dear, don’t make fun of people like Doctor Morritz, we need them , we should respect them .
    English ( I’m french ) is not our first language , and often as speakers of several languages , we never really get to stop to speak totally without accent or strong mistakes in our writing even having people to correct the style . Please, focus yourself in more important things , on your career , in your people, in your hobbies . Try to love yourself a bit more and with time hopefully you will become a better person. Nothing else really matters . All my best .

  234. Hi All,
    i wish someone can write and counter Mr Andreas’s categorily with proven and scientific facts rather all this mumbo jumbo time wasting nonsense.
    Reason being my christian faith does not quite subscibe to some of Mr Andreas’s facts-taught and practice.
    Nonetheless, i find it interesting that the bible also says “A merry heart is like a good medicine”.
    After reading Mr Andreas books i find it very convincing and very logically explained. Can anyone offer to counter otherwise in detail catergorily? Would really appreciate if one can do it on the web for all to understand and digest it freely.
    Mr Andreas has done tremendously much in research and study to come up with all of this knowledge. We may never know how much right or wrong in it but even so, if he meant to help the human body to better health and make a living out of all his work, is that wrong?

  235. Hi, I stumbled upon your site because I was trying to find a book written by Andreas Moritz. For the last ten years, I have been living in Germany and it was here that I heard for the first time that any kind of longterm illness, allergy etc. reflects some emotional upheaval or conflict. Such illnesses are to be looked up as opportunities to reflect upon your inner conflict. A gynaecologist said that to me, who also specializes inanthroposophical medicine. These thoughts are more come common among practitioners of complementary medicine. But you don’t have to take everything seriously. I personally do not have any faith in doctors now. For the last ten years, I have lived in constant agony because of some infection that NO gynaecologist has been able to identify. That’s when I turned to complementary medicine. It hasn’t helped either, but at least it gave me more answers than the regular medicine. I have also realised that I cannot depend on science for everything, as it does not have all the answers.
    I guess, whichever course of action one decides upon, you just have to ask yourself if it personally makes sense to you or not . Once I was told that all my emotional and physical problems were because my “Higher Self” decided that I should lead such a life. I was shocked to hear that, because which “Higher Self” wishes upon itself sexual abuse, rape, parental neglect and all kinds of chronic medical problems? It had made me angry at first, and then I just thought: whatever. It’s nonsense that some people leading comfortable lives in Western Europe believe in.
    As for selling rocks, they are also sold here!


  236. My hippy workmatye tried to feed me some of Andreas quackery, where he tries to say that influenza (flu) is the actually the body healing itself of all the bad things big corperations pump into our air and food. and that virus’s “Never kill” I was appalled by the blatent lack of basic biological knowledge this man shows in his works, i have since shown the book to several friends of mine, 1 is a oxford uni qualified biochemist, one is a GP doc and another works in research and development in Klakso smitth-kleine medical company. This Andreas man is a danger to people, his view on medicine are simply put, Mad! cancer is your friend and it’s only there becuase of your state of body or mind? babies get cancer, smoker who do 60 a day for 40 years don’t, it’s down solely to genetics, if your environment pollutes your body enough to trigger existing cancer markers of mutate cells into cancerous ones it’s not due to if you feel guilty. and as for his quote about nebraska med uni’s research into vit D and calcium curing 77% of cancer, look it up, there is no such study anywhere and by law university study finding must be displaid for the public. calcium helps bones and teeth not Cancer, or a few glasses of milk and bish bash bosh oh! no more chemo for me!
    I urge you don’t be suckered into this obvious frauds lies. all of his books have been univerally panned by the USA’s medical board and most of Europes. I agree with the origional man Michaels thread. this Andreas is a charlaton and a fraud. he’s so famous but his wikipedia page was taken down becuase none of his quotes could be verified and it was packed full of bullS*it
    My mum is a nurse and she’d crap herself with anger at what this man is doing, selling clear lies and opinion and placebo hippy crap to poor desperate people, hoping with every fibre in them that there’s hope. and there he is.

  237. Dear Mr. Andrea

    Go on with your work, never surrend. There are many ways that we never know. We don’t know ourselves not more, what’s around us. I think the cancer must be study in molecolar level, or atom level. I believe that the best way tu cure is nature. Air, water, health food, no stress life. I ask you please to give us more information about specially OLIVE OIL, FIG aloe vera.

    Thank you. 10/17/2010

  238. im pretty sure you all attacking andreas would agree that diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, etc, and that the sicknesses like the flu are reactions to those inlfluences. in the same way, something like the swelling of a cut could be the gathering of white blood cells to fight an infection. sure it appears to be a bad thing, a disease, and im not saying that its not, im just saying that sickness might not be entirely bad. it might be undesireable, but it is a way for the body to fight off infection. so that swelling of an infected cut is not only the result of infection, but the result of the body sending the healing mechanisms of white blood cells. also, theres no need for healing if there is no sickness so dont say that the gathering of white blood cells only means sickness, not healing. it means BOTH. not saying thats universal to all disease, but i think i made a pretty good example. not that im a degree holder or anything, and not that ive even read andreas’ book or anything. i just see a lot of people talking crap about a system they dont seem to know too much about. i see a lot of people saying this quote sounds ridiculous, so its absolute bullshit, instead of saying whoa, thats a bit much, but yea, i agree that emotions do impact the immune system and can potentially affect it quite severely. instead of trying to see what it is that others believe and helping them to correct their view to be more respectable, people will always be able to find reason to believe whatever it is that they want to believe, and if you want to believe whatever it is that cheats you out of a placebo affect via alternative medicine, because we know the placebo affect is real, thats your problem. if the placebo effect is real, why not use it to your advantage? because you are a prisoner of your own mind. just felt like being dramatic, if this thread is even still alive. instead of looking for whats false, try to find truth in things

  239. Hello, it was quite interesting to read both good and bad comments regarding Andreas Moritz. I personally believe in logic and in science. I found the materials that make sense for me on . I strongly believe that “Practice is the sole criteria of truth…” if work of Dr. Moritz helps people – it is great. If someone can show facts or statistics that all of it is B.S. then do, otherwise whats the point ?!… I really see no point in trying hard to prove something to someone. There is not only one truth… God is one but there are many ways to reach him or her 😉

  240. There is not only one truth

    Yes there is. That’s sort of the definition of “truth”.
    The word “truth” encompasses everything that is true. If something is not true, it’s by definition not truth. It’s really very simple.

    Seeing as you “believe in logic and science”, could you please name the logical and scientific evidence that enables you to conclude that god is true?

  241. see 🙂 you have your truth, and I have my truth. I can’t live your life, you can’t live mine 😉 my definition of logic and science is most likely is different from yours 😉 If you want to believe that there is only one way way and there is no other way, it’s you choise 😉 and your truth! 🙂 Peace

  242. Yeah, that’s not how it works – but I can see it’s a very convenient way of avoiding ever being contradicted. Did you use that with your first grade teacher?
    – “2+2=5.”
    – “No, little Dmytro, that’s not quite right. It’s 4.”
    – “Maybe in your reality, but not in mine. Nyah-nyah!”

    Too bad there’s really no room for discussion. The word “truth” means what is true. If you somehow fit something that isn’t true into the definition of “truth”, then you don’t understand the word. It doesn’t mean your truth is different from other people’s. Either it’s the one and only truth or your are using the word wrong.

    What’s that? You have your own definitions of words too? Well in that case, gyffenack snasmofik balzom. QED.

    Seriously, those are a 5-year-old’s arguments. You can’t just claim to have a different logic and different truth and then whatever you claim is logical and true. It just doesn’t work like that.

  243. Michael … sorry, but you are the dangerous and misinformed . And if you believe in the most important superstition that you call “science “…you are a part of the”health “… and the fraudulent WHO where the world’s most important criminal elements remains…
    You need a PET SCAN NOW!!!!

    Carlos D. Amodei PhD.

  244. How the hell does someone who doesn’t believe in science at all manage to get a Ph.D.?

    Sounds like a diploma from a higher education in Argentina is about as impressive and meaningful as a properly spelled grocery list.

  245. I just spent the last 2 hours on this website reading everything and I cannot believe how ignorant the people sound against Andreas moritz.You haven’t even read the books have you?People have their free will to choose what treatment they want.Natural methods work and so does chemotherapy it all depends on the recipient.I believe in the natural way of healing.My father was cured of non hodgkins lymphoma through chemotherapy last year.Respect people’s opinions.Andreas has not hurt anyone,people have their own minds to do what they choose.Noone forces their decision!Andreas does not harm he is a good man!

  246. Dear Michael, I’m so thankful to you for publishing this blog, you can’t imagine!
    “andreas-moritz-is-a-stupid-dangerous-man” immediately caught my eye and made the hand push the mouse button. Honestly speaking I hope that Andreas Moritz still stops here from time to time and maybe even writes in this blog.
    I want to talk to him because I have lots of things to discuss with him.
    1. I work myself with sunlight, but since by education I’m not a physician, but a physicist and seismologist, so I used not only the plain sunlight, but also the Pulsed Concentrated Solar Light (PCSL) with spectacular results among my family and friends.
    BTW, this was not invented by me – back in 1942-45 there was a solar healing center in Kazakhstan, where soldiers injured during the war with Germany got PCSL treatment and recuperated from their wounds. They used concave concentrating mirrors to do the job. I write about this and other applications of Sunlight on my Web page
    2. In Russia and in Belarus research was done where it was found that susceptibility of human body to cancerous processes directly depends on the body’s acid / alkaline balance. In short, if the PH number of your bodily fluids (urine, saliva, exhaust air) is close to 6.5 – 7, your body will not develop cancer cells. When PH with age goes down to 6 -6.4, it is still safe, but you already have no safety margin. If, however, your PH goes down below 5.8 (reaction turns more and more to the acid side), here the cancer cells start gaining ground. The growth of cancer is “autocatalytic” – the more the tumor grows, the lower and lower falls the PH number of the body fluids.
    What is particularly interesting< swings between the optimistic and pessimistic mood influence the acidity of the body fluids – the PH number can rise by as much as 0.5 just if you win a chess party! So Andreas Moritz is absolutely correct – good optimistic mood is relevant when you fight against any disease.
    The other fantastic thing is that properly used PCSL can boost the immune system of the body and shift the PH number of the body towards higher numbers (alkaline). If only we were able to determine the proper intensity and time of application, can you imagine the possibilities?
    Personally for you, Michael, I have a wish of good health and please, be optimistic yourself and raise the spirits of the people who are near you.

  247. Andreas Moritz has touched on areas that are unbelievably incredible, fabulous, and almost free …

    The only reason the disease mongers like Micheal are upset, as this method offers a way without spending $$$, and puts at risk the trillions of dollars that go through the western medicine mill.

    God Bless you Andreas, you are an incredible human being

  248. Wow, talk about being conditioned.

    Swindles sick people huh? I’ve seen plenty of people 100% healed by taking care of their liver and gallbladder issues… including myself.

    How do you explain the thousands upon thousands of people all over the web who can testify to that? You can’t… because you’re blinded by ridiculous FAILED science.

    Ya gotta love how mainstream medicine and their pharma toxins and invasive testing kill over 200,000 people every year. Yeah… there’s science for ya. You can keep your science… hell, stick it far up your ass while you’re at it…. you know… where your head is.

  249. @Unconditioned:

    I’m curious as to what it is you think science is. You know, most sane people realise that it’s just a process of testing a method until you can rule out all causes but one, then letting your peers test it too, so as to rule out any fraud or brain farts.

    That means if it’s really true that thousands of people have been healed by a certain alternative method, then for it to be science remains only to let others test the same method in a controlled environment. But these kooks won’t let that happen, because testing always shows it doesn’t work.

    Think about it for a second. If this really works and can cure most illnesses, how is keeping it to yourself instead of making it mainstream and available to everyone not an act of extreme selfishness or cruelty?
    If that’s impossible, it’s because it doesn’t work – because science is not biased – it will take anything that can be shown to work.

    But alas, it seems you have been thoroughly conditioned to believe science is just evil.

  250. I want to thank Andreas, to provide love and health. I am PhD in psychology, whose father and brother physician. And I could understand the love for life and health as well as my patients. Andreas always thanks for your love for our purpose. Your last book made ​​me remember who I am. Carlos Amodei
    I sometimes find difficult to accept that those who do not want to see the light are part of my being. Do not worry, I understand … just that many cells of my body are not used to, Eternal thanks Andreas!

  251. Yes it is. Of course CARLOS is the same Carlos that wanted you to have a PET scan back in February – earlier in this thread. Seems Moritz can’t find more than a handful of supporters, but makes them go back once in a while to repeat the same nuttery.

    Sheep, anyone?

  252. Micheal Hawkins obviously got the crap kicked out of him in school. Fat pathetic Moose copulator from Maine, self loathing scumbag who obviously suffers from small penis syndrome. What a pathetic freakin loser you are Michael! Makes me so happy to see Andreas success as you wallow in self pity. How friggin sad to be you!

  253. I support Andreas and Dr Hulda Clark’s work because I have tried the liver flush many times over the years and it does work very well.

    People like Micheal Hawkins, FDA, and Big Pharma will always run a SMEAR campaign against people who bring good health suggestions to the world and this is exactly one of them.

    When you hear someone especially someone who is “supposed” to be a PROFESSIONAL making an accusation toward someone, that itself should raise a red-flag in your head and understand why. A good professional doctor, writer, etc would have an open-mind and communicate with a positive manner. Not in a slander manner.

    Why listen to people who NEVER tried any of those health protocols and yet, claimed to be the “expert” that we should stay away from it?

    I only listen to people who have EXPERIENCE doing the health protocols, listen to their positive opinions and I WILL decide whether it is good for me or not.

  254. I think Mortiz methods can have something factical but the way he prophetically talks this shit, unempyrical and unscientific makes me want to spit. Thanks michael for having an empirical spirit, Noone says solar light can be good, or acid is some symptohmatyic thing but please , we cannot live sellign books saying things like Mortz does. Thank you Michael in the name of knowledgment.

  255. I agree with Karl Roberts. My husband and I are currently into practising the liver flush and the coffee enema. It is doing great things for us. I must say that this Micheal Hawkins guy is very unrelenting. Why dont you take all your anger, your denial and frustratiion and put it to good use for instance doing something great for humanity. You could actually find a real cure for cancer. Convertional medicine always talks about either bacteria or virus and pharmaceuticals. Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry. If you could actually find a cure for cancer and put these people out of business and save millions of lives without chemotherpy, radiation then I will give up the liver flushes and forget about Andreas Moritz.

  256. Oh, you hear that, Michael? All you have to do is what a multi-billion dollar industry has failed to do in fifty years and save humanity, then Nicky Lin will stop believing in something completely unsupported by evidence, that somehow still constitutes “denial” to not believe in.

    Sweet deal. What are you waiting for?

  257. I hope to see your name on the anal’s of Medical History as the man who found a cure for cancer. This is a challenge. Never will forget your name.

  258. Why ever not? After all you are the smart one calling everyone else stupid, dangerous and schmuck for believing in what they are doing and helping others with a better life. And you are the believer of Science. You don’t have to be modest.

  259. As you know, explaining a joke ruins it, but from what I’ve seen of you here, Nicky, I doubt you’ll figure it out on your own.
    “Anal” means relating to the anus. To put it in words I expect you can understand, it’s the poophole. The word you were looking for is “annals”.

    I’m not sure, though, that it is within anyone’s power to explain to you the complete lack of any connection between curing cancer oneself and not believing that happy thoughts cure cancer.

  260. I admit it was a spelling error on my part. That’s because we have smart asses like you to point it out to us how stupid everybody else are. Shouldn’t you be on your way to looking for a cure.

  261. I am a female who came across this chat by accident. Having read most of it I am shocked at how immature a lot of you are. You sound like young boys fighting. Don’t you think we humans need to learn from each other? How is the world going to make progress if health and medical practitioners (of all types) are taking sides and fighting as if on a hockey team. We need to consider ALL knowledge as there may be grains of truth in information that perhaps even your enemy has. Try to have some universal love for each other instead. Take your finger and point it at yourself instead. And as for your other people’s defects – leave them to God.

  262. We need to consider ALL knowledge

    And that’s exactly what we’re doing: considering it. And then discarding it as false when the evidence contradicts it, or rejecting it temporarily if there is no evidence either way yet.

    That’s how you learn. By considering something objectively and accepting only what there is good reason to accept. You do not learn by indiscriminately accepting everything or what you want to believe. That is the opposite of learning.

    How does “universal love” (what is that anyway?) have anything to do with it? If you love someone, does it then follow that you should accept any claim they make?

    And just to point out the obvious, this is an atheist blog, so telling people to “leave something to God” is about as meaningful as telling them to trust in the power of Donald Duck.

    But, to paraphrase Randall Munroe, I guess the important thing is that you found a way to feel superior to both parties.

  263. i’ve done the liver flush and it works perfect.I am great full to this man and not to the Western Medicine business!!!!!!

  264. Let me just get this straight:

    Do you people honestly claim you had cancer, then drank some fruit juice and oil, and it just went away completely?


  265. 10+ years later and what a circus this has been reading. How is everybody? Anyone know what happened to the guy?

  266. Yes, Marius. Moritz died in 2012. His people didn’t immediately say what the cause of death was, but they eventually claimed it was due to complications from inhaling mold. He refused recommended medical procedures.

    As much as I’d like to undermine the grift machine that still operates in his name by saying his death was totally preventable with modern medicine, I don’t know if I can believe the information that’s out there. As it stands, maybe he did refuse treatments that would have kept him alive to this very day. Or maybe his condition was more dire than anyone knows and he made a quality of life decision. Or maybe his people want us to think he lived and died by his principles. We can’t really know.

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