3 comments on “Hubble, WISE, and VISTA

  1. I spy…

    An almost exact replica of Earth, when it was only about 3 billion years old. There is no intelligent life there yet, nothing that has the capacity to alter it’s surroundings. Right now, some organisms are in the process of evolving air bladders in order to survive outside the primordial soup their ancestors have lived in for millions of years. Since the last comet struck, 80,000 years ago, and debris has slowed it’s rainpour to a trickle, there are many other organisms with the possibilities to succeed on land as well.

    The arms race begins…

  2. …and then Lance Skyhookcrane lands in his Kappa flier, waiting for the mother ship to arrive from faster-than-light travel. He needs to find a good hiding place for his flier in case there are scout ships from the evil menace of the Misoganyst Empire in this sector…


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