A second chance to see the Aurora Borealis

It’s still possible to see the northern lights tonight, so I hear. I just took a look with somewhat clear skies, but I couldn’t see anything. Of course, something so spectacular is worth a second shot in a couple of hours.

Info and image via Starts With A Bang.


One comment on “A second chance to see the Aurora Borealis

  1. i can haz no aurora in augusta. (at least at the moment)

    Looking at the radio interference projections we may have another opportunity tomorrow, we’ll still be getting hammered.

    Your link says observers around 48 degrees (or higher I assume) may have a good show. Unfortunately Augusta lives a little higher than 44 degrees. A bit less than 240 NM short of 48 degrees. I have seen it before in Greenville, I think that’s about 45 degrees an 40 minutes or some such thing.

    We may see it though…

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