Real medical professionals: Flu season is picking up

So get vaccinated.

Flu season appears to be picking up.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says five states had widespread reports of flu last week, up from zero two weeks earlier.

A CDC report released Thursday says four of the states were in the South — Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Virginia. The other was New York.

The report also says that tests of about 120 virus samples show the circulating flu strains seem to be well-matched to this season’s flu vaccine.

Health officials say an estimated 23,600 flu-related deaths occur each year.

(Emphasis mine.)

I think we can add a few to that number thanks to the irresponsibility of the anti-vax crowd.

11 comments on “Real medical professionals: Flu season is picking up

  1. Don’t expect me to get a flu shot!

    I’m telling you, getting sick is good for you once in a while. If you’re in a risk group or have lots of contact with those in a risk group than by all means get the flu shot. Otherwise miss a couple days of work and stay away from people when your sick. The 20-60 crowd is more likely to get killed by falling space junk than die of the flu.

  2. …getting sick is good for you once in a while.

    Wow, is that inane! Does that include cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Ebola, HIV, etc.?

  3. I just mean that developing no natural immunities is likely not a good thing.

    I agree, to a point.

    Have you had chicken pox? I did, as a child (also mumps and measles). They were all miserable to have and there is a small chance of death.

  4. I did have chicken pox, on my birthday when I was younger.

    To put the horribleness in perspective, my birthday is on Halloween, so I doubly missed out.

    You have to contrast the risk of death with chicken pox with the risk of getting something from the injection site. A very small risk still, but a larger one than death by chicken pox.

    The MMR vaccine on the other hand is a much better cost/benefit scenario.

  5. Part of the strength of vaccines comes from the idea of herd immunity. All children should be getting their shots, but so long as a high percentage are vaccinated (I believe 95%), even those who are not directly protected do benefit from the protection of everyone else.

  6. True, but vaccines don’t offer some of the benefits of having your immune system actually get up and do something once in a while.

    For the illnesses that don’t cause widespread death and destruction, I say let them have their fun.

    If we try and totally replace the functions our bodies normally take care of themselves, my concern is when the next super-superbug comes along the only population left could be those who didn’t get every shot they could. That is those who have robust immune systems.

    I pick and choose. Flu is no real danger to me, so no shot. Didn’t get the swine flu one either. Oink Oink

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