8 comments on “Tonight’s lesson

  1. For example I believe the universe was indeed created by some kind of deliberate hand, you believe it came about of its own volition.

    That’s the only place we differ. Not much science, if any, going out the window there.

  2. Did the ‘deliberate hand’ come to fruition on it’s own volition or was there another ‘deliberate hand’ that created it as well?


    The deliberate hand argument leads to the problem of infinite regression. Creationist fail.


  3. eh, we don’t know, that’s the point. I’m not tossing any science out to say that something outside the universe may have set its creation in motion.

    As far as we know it may have been a supernatural turkey that set it all in motion.

    Of course it’s possible that one of the poorly formed theories for the very beginning may be right. Each to their own.

  4. It’s true that not every creationist “discards” science. Many of them are completely ignorant of the actual science in the first place.

  5. Actually, I was specifically asked questions that even the most scientifically-accepting creationist would have turned to God to answer. Specifically, one person asked what was beyond the Universe. I referenced a Stephen Hawking quote, mentioned the idea of String Theory, and ultimately appealed to “no one knows, but I’ll show you my Nobel Prize if I figure it out”.

  6. …one person asked what was beyond the Universe…

    Answer: The same thing that is north of the north pole.

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