Avoid these sources for your science

This is a very brief and very far from exhaustive list of sources one ought to avoid when looking for any sort of scientific information. After each person and/or organization is a list of the area in which they most commonly spread lies:

Deepak Chopra – Quantum physics, alternative medicine

NaturalNews.com/Mike Adams – Alternative medicine, vaccines

EvolutionNews.org – Evolution, intelligent design

Dr. Oz – Alternative medicine, apple juice

Andreas Moritz (though he is now deceased) – Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, all around quack

WattsUpWithThat/Anthony Watts – Global warming

Dr. Keith Ablow – Psychiatry, youth psychology, gender issues

Stanislaw Burzynski/Burzynski Clinic – Cancer, quack treatments

Marc Stephens – Mostly law, but he lied about being a lawyer in order to try and protect the Burzynski Clinic


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